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Retinal Associates of Missouri, P.C. has Board Certified Ophthalmologists and Fellowship Trained Retinal Specialists who are dedicated to providing the highest level care in a compassionate manner. Their office offers the most sophisticated technology available, which assists in making the proper diagnosis of retinal diseases. We had fun turning their outdated website into a young, new one!

Outdated to Updated

The purpose for updating the website for Retinal Associates of Missouri, P.C. was to create a more modern look. We built their previous website six years ago. The winning designs back then included original photography with a cool, blue tint. We stayed with the original photography but retook the photographs of their current office and staff. It was essential to include these photographs for visitors to feel more comfortable.

Everything was updated, from design to coding and text to photos. Making their website mobile friendly was one of the most important aspects of the project we worked on. We also changed the theme colors from red and blue to mostly blue, in addition to contemporary style fonts. However, we did keep the textured background.

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