Ways to Use RSS-to-Email Newsletter Integration on Your WebsiteTaking the plunge into integrating your email newsletter with your website? That’s AWESOME. You won’t regret it.

You’ve got a lot of opportunities for taking advantage of this wondrous capability within your own company website. And it doesn’t matter if you’re adding a product or service special to your website or if you’re updating the news section of your site with an event or announcement. As long as the updates you’re making to your site can be pulled into your RSS feed, the structure for building your automated emails is generally the same.

Either way, don’t be nervous. Whatever you decide to include in your automated emails, your web developer should be able to help you with setting it all up.

Examples of What You can Feature in Your Automated Email Newsletter

1. Blog Posts

If you’re a blogger and are just looking for a way to alert your followers of newly published posts, you can setup your automated email newsletters to include your blog post names, publish dates, authors (if applicable), featured images, post excerpts, and of course “Read More” links for each post taking recipients to your website to read the full article.

We use MailChimp to send our followers our most recent blog posts. It comes in what we’ve cleverly named the “Weekly Pride Maker” and features our most recent industry topic-related posts at the top with our Success Stories posts (in other words, our recently completed web development projects) featured underneath.

2. Offers

Campaign Monitor reports B2C (Business to Consumer) marketers who leverage automation have seen conversion rates as high as 50%. So if you run regular or seasonal offers to promote your services or merchandise, get in there and get your share by immediately notifying your followers when you post new sales and offers to your website. Your automated email might include offer details like what the offer is, why you’re offering it, what the offer’s worth, how long it’s running and how it can be redeemed.

Ways to Use RSS-to-Email Newsletter Integration on Your Website

For example, Tropical Liquors uses email newsletter integration to get the word out to local followers about current and upcoming specials they’re offering. And please don’t try to redeem the offer below. It’s from an expired offer. But maybe if you talk real nice to the bartender, he may cut you a deal.

3. Events

Maybe you work for an organization that holds a lot of local events or fundraisers, or you’re a financial advisor hosting seminars each month. You can build up some hype by sending automated emails to your lists alerting them of the latest events added to your website. Consider including the event name, date, a brief description, a “Learn More” option leading to the event page on your site, and a “Purchase Tickets” or “Register” link if applicable.

4. News & Announcements

As with events, if you have a news or announcement section on your website set up like a blog, the information you add there can be pulled into your RSS feed and sucked into an email. So if you’re part of a corporation staffing hundreds of employees, or you run an organization with a large membership following, this is ideal for getting important information to them as quickly as possible.

Greater Missouri Leadership Foundation has implemented newsletter integration to keep organization members informed of news and updates. Dustrol, Inc. uses this capability to alert employees throughout the US of industry guideline changes and news, too.

5. Case Studies

There are a lot of construction and engineering companies out there who showcase the awesome work they do on their website via a projects section. When an online portfolio is set up with the same functionality as a blog, the information about every new project a construction company adds to their site is pulled into their RSS feed.

The automated emails from a construction or engineering company might consist of a featured project image, an excerpt describing the client’s problem and what the company did to solve it, when and where the project was completed along with a link to the project page to learn more.

The possibilities are virtually endless.

You can essentially incorporate whatever website updates you want into your automated email newsletters as long as those updates can be pulled into your site’s RSS feed. Just talk with your web developer first before launching a full-scale plan to know for sure what’s possible and what isn’t.

Now go get your automation on.

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