You have brainstormed and compiled your keyword list, now what?

After compiling your list of keywords, an important step is analyzing the results to ensure they are best words based on demand and attainability to give your website the best search results.

Utilizing a keyword planner

A keyword planner, such as Google AdWords, helps to research and calculate which are the BEST keywords to include in your website content and information. Google AdWords Keyword Planner is a free service and is an excellent tool for this stage in the game. There are other

Using the keyword list you compiled on your own, the Keyword Planner can offer a more extensive list of options, as well as their search value, competition, and the amount people actually use those words to search for products/services.

Beginning the next step

In the following video, we will guide you through the following processes utilizing the Google AdWords Keyword Planner:

  • dividing your list down into groups based on related phrases to provide more specific, targeted search results
  • reviewing Ad Groups and Keyword Ideas provided from our search
  • adding keywords to the Keyword Planner list

Once you’ve compiled your Keyword Planner list, check out Steps 4 & 5: Determine Accuracy and Volume.

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