If you’re not sure about placing your photo on your marketing materials take a moment to go through the pros and cons.  Having your photo or not having your photo on  your marketing materials will not make or break your business so if you really don’t want to do it by all means don’t!
PRO: Recognition. If someone knows you already or would recognize you in the future because they’ve seen your face on your brochure or business card that’s a good thing for business, right?  In one situation a tech who was well known in her community got married and changed her last name.  She decided to place her photo on her marketing materials, at least for the time being, so those in the community who know her by her maiden name would see her face and recognize her as the business owner.

CON: You think you’re beautiful. Some people think that when they place a photo on their business card they’re announcing to the world that they’re beautiful and too cool for school.  If you have this nagging feeling it’s OK, you don’t have to place your photo on your materials.  Keep in perspective that business is not a beauty pageant and many professionals such as insurance agents, real estate agents, mortgage brokers have materials designed with their photos to keep their faces and their business names together in the mind of the public.

PRO: Credibility. Piggy backing on the recognition concept you may also add an air of credibility to your business, showing you’re an individual, a real person running the business.  When people see you on your card or website and you arrive at their home to do a home score they know who to expect, leaving them more at ease and certain you’re not an impersonator trying to rob them.

CON: Your photo is terrible. OK so either you’re not photogenic or you just had a really bad day.  Do yourself a favor and go get another photo taken.  Treat yourself to a hair cut and wear a nice collared shirt.  Try to look as much like you do on the job as possible.  You want to portray a professional, everyday person.  Someone who’s trust worthy and dependable.  So your weird cropped out Facebook profile photo or wedding shot will not present a good image.  Better to not have one at all in that case.

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