Simon Oswald Architecture's new websiteCombining Image and Integrity

Here’s a company with a purpose that we can really relate to: Simon Oswald Architecture. In 1987, this company was founded on the principle that architecture & interior design are fundamentally connected, so when working with their clients, they strive to create a structure that fits their functional requirements as well as their desired image. It’s obvious why we loved working with them so much, isn’t it? We pride ourselves in doing the same with web design!

Where Form, Fit & Function meet Fabulous

The goal while designing & building Simon Oswald Architecture‘s new website was to create a true reflection of the company’s mission. Impressive functionality and an extremely clean & classic design give the site a professional look while providing fun visitor interaction through custom built sliders that change images as viewers click through, but also the content underneath. This slider has the option for video slides as well, and while this may not sound all that impressive, the programming behind it is more challenging than you might think.. See for yourself!

The “How We Work” page proudly maps out their process with stages lined up horizontally across the page. As visitors click through each step, content appears below to reflect more in-depth information related to that part of their process. Not only that, a graph at the bottom of the page updates as each stage is highlighted to indicate what effort, cost & time look like throughout each phase of the project. Did we mention the graph is also interactive? Yeah, pretty cool stuff.

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