Sky-Hi Storage Homepage

Welcome to Sky-Hi Storage!

Sky-Hi Storage provides clean and reliable storage units in Columbia. They started their mini storage business back in 2001, and they haven’t raised the rental price since– just one of the benefits of being a family owned and operated facility. Sky-Hi Storage provides affordable, courteous service in a well-­maintained environment, close to campus. They offer climate controlled and non­-climate controlled units that are weather-­tight and secured by cameras and a security gate. Sky-Hi Storage was great to work with, so we’re excited to take their website live!

Fun Logo and Buttons

The logo is our favorite part of the website design. Sky-Hi Storage asked us to create a retro looking logo with a 50’s drive in theme from the old Sky-Hi Drive-In. And we think we pulled it off quite well! After the logo was complete, we strived to incorporate the same 50’s drive in theme throughout the rest of the website. We accomplished this by sticking to the red and blue color pallet as well as the sans serif font family. Furthermore, we connected the buttons to the logo theme via the red shooting star. Therefore, buttons have an interesting animation when you hover over them. 

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