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ST Sale's new website


ST Sales has your equipment dreams covered, from trucking to agriculture. With 37 years of industry experience, ST Sales is a proud retailer of Robotec Attachments, Heiden grapples, and Kenworth trucks customized to fit customers’ needs.

What they didn’t have is a way for customers to buy equipment online, but now they do through their new website’s shopping cart feature! We love ST Sales’ “get ‘er done” attitude and feel privileged to have worked with them to create their online shopping solutions.

Online Shopping meets Heavy Duty Equipment

We all know about online shopping for clothes and home decor, but did you know you can buy logging and forestry equipment on the internet? ST Sale’s new website’s new shopping cart feature allows users to browse for equipment from the comfort of work and home. In addition to making the buying process easier for website visitors, we also made their site more eye-catching with sharp imagery and a complimentary orange and blue color scheme.

Their new website includes these awesome features:

  • Custom WordPress Theme 
    Custom WordPress Themes give websites an edge with unique design. The website structure is flexible, scalable, and easily manageable. Let’s just say websites with custom WordPress themes aren’t forced to reside inside the box. You can learn more about Custom WordPress Themes here.
  • Safe Site Plan
    ST Sales website is enrolled in our Company Safe Site Plan, meaning we’ve installed 7 security enhancements in an effort to offensively protect their website from hackers. We also backup the site daily, maintain regular WordPress and plugin updates, monitor site activity and link functionality, repair hacking damage at a reduced cost, and offer 2 hours of emergency updates. 
  • Custom Shopping Cart Feature
    Users can browse through equipment and purchase online with ST Sales new shopping cart feature.

Are you looking for a website too?

Do you want a website with an online shopping cart, or do you just need a website in general? Contact the team at MayeCreate Design. We believe websites work when good design meets solid functionality. Our web designs always aim for ease of use and clear communication. Check out our portfolio for a look at our other projects and to get your pride on…today.


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