If you’ve made it to Step 5, congratulations! We’re now over halfway through the 10 Week Blogging Success Recipe. If you’re just happening upon the recipe now, you’ve caught us in the middle of breaking down the 8 steps of the recipe into individual posts that detail how to jump start your blogging efforts.
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The fifth ingredient the recipe calls for is 1 offering landing page. Watch the video below for a quick overview of this step.

Whip Up 1 Offering Landing Page

Step 5 of the 10 Week Blogging Success Recipe challenges you to create, within your website, a successful landing page by following the best practices listed below.

What is a landing page?

A landing page is one of the supporting materials needed to promote the offering you learned how to create in Step 4. Simply put, it’s a page on your website dedicated to giving a sales pitch. This is where you convince visitors that your offer is irresistible. While the offer is “free,” they’re paying you with their contact information.

Elements of a Landing Page

Elements of a Landing Page

1. Offering Title

Be sure to give a title to your e-book offering and use it whenever you’re promoting or discussing that specific e-book. Include the title at the top of the offering’s landing page and consider pairing it with the phrase “Free E-Book.”

At MayeCreate, we make sure to add the word “free,” and the type of offering, to the title of every landing page. This clearly communicates to visitors that the offer is free! (Money-wise, that is.) We simply want our readers to have the tools they need to run a successful business.

Offering Photo

Example Offering Photo

2. Optional Subtitle

Below the offering title we typically include a subtitle to preview the contents or a benefit of the offering. Remember to start the subtitle with a verb if you choose to include this element in your landing page. “Get it right the first time with this step-by-step e-book.”

3. Offering Photo

Remember the cover we told you to design for your e-book inStep 4? Now you’re going to use it on the landing page for the offering. Save the cover of your e-book as an image and include it on the page to make the offering appear more tangible.

4. Offering Description

The offering description is a sentence or two where you share more specific information about the offering, such as how many pages it includes or a benefit it provides.

5. Subtitle

After the description you’ll want to add a subtitle previewing the bullet points. It can be as simple as “This e-book includes:”.

6. Bullet Points

Include three to five bullet points detailing the contents of the offering. Use numbers to describe exactly what someone would get if they downloaded the offering.

For example, on the landing page for ourEmail Marketing E-Book, one of the bullet points reads:

  • 17 tips to keep you on track when writing, designing and sending emails.

Numbers tend to add weight and make the information seem more important. If your e-book has 17 points, or even 3, mention the number on your landing page.

7. Download Form

The download form is composed of three different parts: next step title, form fields and a button.

Download FormNext Step Title:

This title tells visitors to the landing page what action to take. If you’re offering a free e-book your title will probably be similar to Download Free E-Book. Just remember to start the next step title with a verb to illustrate what people will do next.

Form Fields:

Ask your visitors for five to seven pieces of information. These three fields should be required:

  1. First Name
  2. Last Name
  3. Email Address

Giving up their email address is an absolute must because you need this piece of information in order to send them the e-book.

The other fields will be qualifying fields where you ask simple questions to ensure the visitor is somebody your company will be able to work with.

For example, one of the qualifying fields on the MayeCreate download forms asks people if they already have a website. If they answer yes, we’ll know this person is somebody we can start helping with lead generation right away. If they answer no, that’s a challenge for us. It’s not that we can’t work with this person, we’ll just need to work with them in a different way.

Whatever questions your form fields consist of, remember not to ask for too much information, just ask for what you need to initially evaluate the potential customer. By collecting your potential lead’s contact information you are creating an opportunity to reach out to them and ask more in depth questions.


Include a button, beginning with a verb, at the bottom of the download form allowing visitors to submit their request for the offering. Clicking the button will trigger the thank you page to open and they’ll be able to download the offering.

  • Side Note: If you plan to continue blogging, consider including a box on the download form for people to check if they wish to subscribe to your blog. This is another opportunity for you to connect with your website visitors and encourage repeat visits to your site.
  • Keep in Mind: Just because someone entered their email address to receive the download doesn’t give you permission to put them on your email list and bombard them every other day. Give them the choice to opt in to your email list with the “Subscribe to Our Newsletter” checkbox. You can, however, send them emails every so often if you feel you have important information or resources to share with them.

8. Second Offer (optional)

You can promote a second offer on the landing page if you think it would help you earn conversions from your visitors. The purpose of displaying a second offer is to give visitors a second option if they don’t feel ready to download the first one.

To prevent a potential lead from simply leaving the page because the offering isn’t of importance to them specifically, you can give them another chance with an offer that seems more informative to them.

More Landing Page Madness

Landing pages can be pretty complex, especially if they’re a new concept for you. Move on to Step 5.2: Landing Page Best Practices to round out your landing page knowledge.

Check out the 10 Week Blogging Success Recipe for a complete outline of the recipe ingredients and directions.

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