The 10 Week Blogging Success Recipe is quite the marathon for new bloggers and you’ve made it to the final stretch. High five! But don’t slow down just yet. After this step there’s only one left before you can sit back, relax and watch your website visitors turn into leads for your business.
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The seventh ingredient of the recipe calls for 1 offering email. Watch the video below for a quick overview of this step.

Sauté 1 Offering Email

Step 7 of the 10 Week Blogging Success Recipe challenges you to draft and send one offering email.

What is an offering email?

Example Offering Email

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Remember the offering you made way back in Step 4? We’ve already talked about promoting that offering on a landing page and with calls-to-action on your website, but how else can you direct people to the landing page? With an offering email, of course!

An offering email functions in a similar way to any other marketing email but has one important goal: to drive readers to your offering landing page.

What should I write in the offering email?

The content of the offering email is similar to the content used on the landing page but abbreviated. Upon reading the offer email, recipients should be able to answer the question,Do I need this?” If the answer is yes, you’re in luck! If you’ve used your persuasive skills and communicated the value of the offer effectively, you’ll drive people to the landing page.

Who do I send the offering email to?

Simply put, you send the offering email to your current list of blog subscribers. But this isn’t an email you send once and are done with. As new subscribers join your email list you will send it to them, too.

Segment your Email List

You may want to segment your list into groups of people with commonalities between them and tailor the content of the email for each group. For example, if you have a group of people who have already downloaded something else from you, you might mention that in the body of the email. Explain that you have another resource they might be interested in downloading and specifically why it would be valuable for them to have.

Tailoring emails doesn’t mean you have to write every email individually, but it does mean you may have two or more variations of your offering email.

Personalize the Offering Emails

Regardless of how many versions you create, every email needs to be personalized, addressing each contact by name. Following this tip, along with segmenting your lists, will help you be more successful in getting the email opened and the landing page visited.

Components of an Offering Email

Components of an Offering Email

1. Company Logo

Somewhere at the top of the email include your company logo. This will help recipients associate the offer with your brand and is also a great place within the email to link back to your website.

2. Salutation

This is where you can personalize the email to each recipient. Most email marketing software, like HubSpot or Emma, have a feature allowing you to insert the contacts’ name within the text of the email or even in the subject line.

3. Introduction

This is where you can start to pull content from your landing page. Write a sentence explaining why this offer is relevant to your audience to start to get them interested.

Components of an Offering Email4. Offering Photo

Once again you’ll use the offering photo you created in Step 4. Visually displaying your e-book offering here gives people the impression that you have something real and tangible to share with them.

5. Body Text

There are two parts to the body of the email.

For the first part, write a sentence or two briefly describing the offering.

Below that, include three bullet points going into more detail about the contents of the offer. Aside from just outlining some key pieces of information, the bullet points also visually break up the information you’re presenting in the email.

This easy-to-digest format will put your readers at ease and allow them to feel comfortable, encouraging them to click, visit the landing page and consider downloading the offer. (This is exactly what you want them to do!)

6. Call-To-Action Button

Underneath the body text include a button, or call-to-action, for email recipients to click on bringing them directly to the landing page for the offer. Remember, the goal of the email is to get people to your landing page, so make it as easy as possible for them to get there by including an obvious link directly to the page.

7. Sign Off

Offering Email Sign OffThere are four parts to an offering email sign off:

  1. A closing remark (Sincerely, Have a great day, etc.)
  2. Your name
  3. Your contact information
  4. Your mug shot

The purpose of including a photo of yourself in the sign off is to let people know that this email is coming from a real person who is genuinely interested in helping them out by providing great resources, like your e-book!

Additional Resources

If you’re interested in some more email marketing guidance we’ve got some great resources for you to peruse.

Ready for the final step of the recipe, Step 8: Serve Up 1 Offering Thank You Page?

Check out the 10 Week Blogging Success Recipe for a complete outline of the recipe ingredients and directions.

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