It’s time to celebrate your awesomeness! We’ve made it to the final step of the 10 Week Blogging Success Recipe! You’ve worked meticulously up to this point writing blog posts, composing emails, creating calls-to-action and building landing pages. Go ahead and give yourself a pat on the back.
The eighth (and final) ingredient of the blogging success recipe calls for 1 offering thank you email. Watch the video below for a quick overview of this step.

Serve Up 1 Offering Thank You Email

The final step of the 10 Week Blogging Success Recipe requires you to deliver the offering to the visitors who have requested it. You’ve promised them an e-book in exchange for their contact information so now you need to send them their present. Since you collected their email address on the landing page download form, the best way to deliver the offering is by sending them a thank you email.

Composing a Thank You Email

A thank you email is a little bit more complex than just attaching a PDF of your e-book into an email and pressing send. We’ve outlined a thank you email formula consisting of 8 elements to guide you through this final step.

Thank You Email Elements

1. Company Logo

Include your company logo at the top of the thank you email just as you did for the offering email. To reiterate, this is a great place to link back to your website and serves as a reminder to recipients that your brand offers awesome resources.

2. Salutation

Start the email off with a nice greeting along with the recipient’s name. You learned their name when they entered it on the download form along with their email address. Use it to personalize the email.

3. Thank Them

The body of the email starts off by thanking the recipient for downloading your e-book offering. Be sure to include the name of the offering to remind them of what they requested. You may even want to include a sentence reinforcing the benefit of the offer.

Example Text

Thanks for downloading our Intro to Business Blogging E-Book. I hope it will be a great resource as you start using your blog to generate website traffic.

4. Next Steps

Follow up with another sentence telling them they need to click to download the offering. Usually it will sound something like this: You can download the e-book now, or any time in the future, using the link below.

5. Download Link

Place a link directly to the PDF file of the e-book offering immediately after the next step sentence.

6. Additional Offers or Resources

Use this email as another opportunity to sell while you have their attention. Instead of just handing over the e-book and ending the conversation, keep the ball rolling by sharing another offering. If you have a call-to-action for another offering, include it in this portion of the email. Another option would be to ask recipients to consider coming in for a free consultation if they enjoyed the e-book.

7. Sign Off

Get creative with your email sign off. Instead of the overused “Sincerely” or “Thanks” try something a bit more upbeat like “Cheers” or “Happy Blogging!” If you can, include a picture of  yourself in the sign off to remind recipients that you’re a real person, not some automated system.

8. Social Sharing Buttons

Thank You Email Social Sharing Buttons

We love when people share our stuff with their friends on social media but thank you emails are a special circumstance. If you’re going to include social sharing buttons make sure they DON’T link to the email or offering PDF file.

You always want to link to the landing page so whomever your contact shares it with doesn’t get the offering for free. You want other people to have to go through the same process and enter their contact information so you can add them to your list. If your email program doesn’t let you link to another page take the social sharing buttons out of the email.

The Final Product

Example Thank You Email

Now put it all together and polish it to perfection. In the end you’ll have a lovely thank you email like the example above!

And You’re Done!

We’ve officially covered every step of the blogging success recipe in detail. If you’re looking for a refresher of the entire recipe or are interested in a particular step, the links below will direct you where you want to go.

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