1: You may find your Snipping Tool in the Start Menu. If it is not located there, use the Start Menu search bar to find the tool.
open the tool

2: Upon clicking the Snipping Tool, the Snipping Tool window will pop up, making the rest of your screen inaccessible.

The tool is ready to use as soon as this window pops up. Your cursor will turn into an + shape.

tool interface

3: Move your cursor just above and to the left of “Current Top Five Leaderboard”. Click and hold your mouse button (a red box will show up) and drag your mouse until the entire Leaderboard is within the red box. Release your mouse button.

framing your snip


4: A window will pop up illustrating your snipping!

Next, you will want to save your snipping. Click the purple Floppy Disk icon.

Name and save your file wherever you would like.

saving your snip

Congratulations! You now know how to take a screen shot using the snipping tool!

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