Whether you’re prospecting via email or communicating with current client you need to build a list.  Simply putting a sign up link on your website doesn’t cut it for everyone.
Think of how you interact with your current clients or how you prospect for new ones.  These activities are great places to start building your list.   Here’s what I mean.

  • ASK! Yes, actually ask their permission to communicate with them online.  You can do this at:
    • Point of sale
      This is an easy transaction, takes no effort on their part to sign up!
    • Via email
      Fairly easy transaction but doesn’t yield as high of results as point of sale because in this scenario the person who signs up must physically take action. If they don’t sign up after the first email don’t fret, send the request again.
    • In other marketing pieces
      This is a great way to build interest for your resource though the conversion to signup is more difficult.  Consider pairing this method with a contest or incentive.
    • At tradeshows
      Great way to keep in contact with prospects.
  • Contests
    This method is often used a tradeshows and can be successfully employed through all other mediums to increase signups.
  • Discounts
    Offer a coupon or discount if a person signs up.  This will increase the conversions of email, general marketing and tradeshow efforts.

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