As many of you might agree, some days it would be nice if you could just look up what to do, what to say and when to do it in a parenting manual. We’re excited to tell you about the next best thing. If you’ve ever hired a babysitter, day care provider, or nanny you know it’s a difficult process. Choosing the individual responsible for your child’s well-being while you’re at work or away can be intimidating and emotional. Now, there is a method for this madness. It’s called The Nanny Kit.

What’s This Website For?

Lynda Pitz, creator of The Nanny Kit, is the mastermind behind the process for hiring a nanny. Her unique product, which is available for purchase on her website, breaks the process down into manageable steps with guides for what questions to ask and how to take important steps to be sure you’re hiring the right person for the job.

Unique Web Design by MayeCreate

If you visit the new web site you’ll enjoy our custom web design with dainty polka-dots on a pale blue background, shapely header and footers and hover-activated drop downs. You also may notice some familiar faces on the website. When stock photos just didn’t cut it Lynda decided she wanted more realistic imagery for her website. So, she hired the MayeCreate Design staff and Tranquility staff for a custom photo session with Columbia photographer Casey Buckman. MayeCreate project manager Stacy Brockmeier poses with Tranquility Internet Manager Travis Schumacher and wife Megan on the home page, simulating an in-home interview.

Get Your Pride On

If you’re looking to make an impression online, target the right audience for your business or organization and want to work with a great team of web design professionals in Columbia, MO, get your pride on and contact MayeCreate Design. If you want some additional examples of the great graphic design work we do, check out our portfolio.

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