If you’ve ever had print work designed, you’ve probably just seen the initial idea and then the end result. But what about all the steps in between? How does the designer get from point A to point Z?
Designs can go through all sorts of changes before the masterpiece is finished:

  1. Sketch.
  2. Pick a couple sketches and recreate them in the appropriate Adobe software.
  3. Sit back and think about if the design (colors, spacing, consistency, flow) makes sense.
  4. Art Director reviews.
  5. You revise.
  6. Art Director reviews. And if you’re lucky (and/or good)…
  7. The design is ready to show to the client.
  8. Client reviews.
  9. You revise.
  10. Art Director reviews.
  11. Show client, again.
  12. Client approves.
  13. Boom.

That’s just an example of the process around here. Still need a better picture?

Here’s the process of a project I readily work on: our ad for the Columbia Business Times. In this case, Monica acts as Art Director AND client (and subject for this particular ad!)





After all those versions and notes and scribbles, the end result is an amazing, awesome advertisement!

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