Live the Pointe



We have had the pleasure of working with Starr Properties multiple times. Over the years we’ve worked on multiple print projects, as well multiple websites. We originally made The Pointe at Rock Quarry Parks‘ website back in 2011. Well, they thought it was time to revamp their entire look. So, we designed them a new logo, new print work and a new website. (New websites are my favorite.)

A Whole New Look



The original Pointe style was green and brown, very pine tree feeling. This was great at the time, but the client recently decided on a more modern look this time around. We started by making clean logo with a sleek font, which ended up translating directly into the design for the new website. The sans-serif fonts and the green and blue colors give the site a contemporary look, but the stone texture helps keep a homey feel. And when your business is apartments…you get the idea.

Are You Looking For a Redesign?

Is your site in need of an update, do you just need a site in general, or even a whole new logo? Contact the team at MayeCreate Design. We believe websites work when good design meets solid functionality. Our web designs always aim for ease of use and clear communication. Check out our portfolio for a look at our other projects and to get your pride on…today.

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