The results are in!

And we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Attendees to the Columbia Chamber of Commerce Business Showcase on March 5 voted on their favorite website makeover that we completed in 2012. Here were their top three:

First Place: Gumby’s

If you weren’t craving Gumby’s already, their new website will certainly do the trick. It includes delicious photos from the Columbia Gumby’s location and sticks with the pizza store’s chill attitude. Read More >


Second Place: Columbia Star Dinner Train

We brought light and space to the Columbia Star Dinner Train site. Now, their website is as luxurious as their moving restaurant. Read More >


Third Place: Jira Collection

MayeCreate first built the Jira Collection website in 2008. After four years of technology updates, it was time to bring a new sparkle to this online jewelry business. Read More >


1992 Called and They Want their Website Back

If you dropped by the MayeCreate station at the business showcase Tuesday, then you know this was our theme. We handed out slap bracelets and slinkies to passersby.We also had a slideshow of the recent updates that we’ve done for businesses in the Columbia area.

[slideshow id=61]

Technology is constantly changing, and websites are a part of your business that should be updated regularly to keep up with those changes. If you’re looking for a facelift for your site, contact MayeCreate today. Otherwise, you might get a nasty call from 1992 asking for their website back.

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