The results are in! And we won’t keep you waiting any longer. Attendees to the Jefferson City Business Showcase on Oct. 24 voted on their favorite website makeover. Here were their top three:

First Place: Medical Business Office

Medical Business Office, out of Jefferson City, MO,  is a physician billing service with a staff ready to focus on your needs. Before a redesign, their website didn’t say any of that. Now, it says yes they’re still in business and they’ll provide you with excellent physician billing services at that. Read More >

mbo - beforeafter

Second Place: Gumby’s Pizza

If you weren’t craving Gumby’s already, their new website will certainly do the trick. It includes delicious photos from the Columbia Gumby’s location and sticks with the pizza store’s chill attitude. Read More >

gumbys - beforeafter

Third Place: Calvary Episcopal Church

Calvary Episcopal Church has been sitting on the corner of 9th and Locust for over a century. Thankfully, its website hasn’t been around quite that long, but was still due for an update. Read More >

calvary - beforeafter

As time goes by, websites are bound to get outdated. It’s important to keep up with the latest design and usability trends. If you’re thinking about a new website, we’d love to help you get started. Check out our e-book about Planning a Winning Website. It will set you on the path towards an awe-worthy redesign.  Then, when you’re ready to start interviewing designers, consider contacting MayeCreate.


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