BEFORE: A single page is all that served the VRFP online.

The old Veterans Research Foundation of Pittsburgh website gave them web presence, but didn’t accurately portray their organization’s goals or service to the medical community. With only one webpage with only a general overview and contact information, it wasn’t working for them.

The new Veterans Research Foundation of Pittsburgh website is not only accurately portraying their mission to enhance the health care of veterans, but it is providing a professional and positive method for interacting with their potential patients, researchers, and donors. Users are greeted by some of the friendly faces they might find at the research hospital and called to support the many research studies the VRFP is currently working on by donating.

We take pride in creating custom websites that accurately portray the person, company or organization they belong to. We believe websites have the power to help you meet your goals, just as this design is for VRFP. Researchers, veterans, employees and potential donors can all find important information throughout the website that is specifically for them. Researchers can share information about their work and read about the studies of their peers. Veterans can find out more about the current clinical trials they can potentially participate in and the many studies already completed. Employees have a private section just for them along with the many pages sharing what the VRFP does and who it’s leaders are. Potential donors are able to find information about what they would be supporting and how to make a tax-deductable donation.

AFTER: Multiple pages and a fresh look make a great look that actually works.

We consider a website redesign project successful when all the good things that could happen co-exist. Congratulations to the Veterans Research Foundation of Pittsburgh on successfully completing your website! If you’re looking for a website that can do some heavy lifting – or just represent your company or organization online – get your pride on and give us a call. We’ll start with just a few simple questions to see if we’d be a good fit and go from there.

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