Welcome to our new abode
If you haven’t already heard, MayeCreate Design and Tranquility Internet Services have a new home. But don’t worry, we’re just a few blocks over from our old location with the same crew running the joint (except now we have a new office space that is a bajillion times more awesome).

Visit Us on Cherry Street

You can find us hanging out and doing our creative thang just across the street from The Candy Factory. (I can literally see the green awning over the entrance from my desk and am tempted to go buy some chocolate covered strawberries at this very moment.)

Our New Look

Waiting RoomAll chocolate temptations aside, we couldn’t be happier with our fresh new set up. You’ll find our gal Katie commanding the front desk as usual, greeting you with a smile and offering you a seat in our cozy waiting room. She’s particularly excited about all the built-in storage space for keeping tidy and organized.

Along with our new workspace came the opportunity to add some color to the walls. The light blonde wood used in the trim, door frames and cabinets pairs well with the fresh coat of greyish blue paint. I’m personally a fan of the pops of orange sprinkled around the office, courtesy of the yoga balls doubling as chairs.

We absolutely love the big picture windows lining the side of our second floor space, allowing rays of natural light and sunshine into our workspace. Bring on the summer lovin!

Our new home also has a very open layout with the designers in the middle of the action. Tall doors stretching all the way from the floor to the ceiling segue into more work stations for our chief creative officer, project managers, and of course, the Tranquility boys (aka the techies).

Stacy, situated between Monica’s and Travis’s offices, is excited about the sliding glass doors separating the three offices.Not only do the open doorways make it easy for her to communicate with them from the comfort of her own desk, but she also has the perfect vantage point should a crumpled paper war or a bouncy ball attack break out between the siblings.MayeCreate's New Office

Presenting the Kitchenette

KitchenetteIf there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s how proud we are of the new kitchen area. Complete with storage cabinets, a big sink, and a (soon to be installed) full-size refrigerator, this is definitely a step up from our previous break room. (Not having to use the bathroom sink to wash our dishes is a definite thumbs up.)

New Address  

700 Cherry Street

Suite C

Columbia, MO 65201





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