We’re going to stop supporting Internet Explorer 7.

If you’ve ever spent a full day in our office while our designers are developing or troubleshooting something, you already know we’re not huge fans of Internet Explorer – especially old versions. She’s the naughty kid in class who doesn’t raise her hand or listen to directions unless she really wants to.

Supporting Change

Google made the announcment back in June 2011 to discontinue support for Internet Explorer 7 and even announced discountinuing support for IE 8 as of November 2012. As a technology company who takes pride in our work and strives to integrate the latest and greatest, we’re encouraging change and will no longer be supporting Internet Explorer 7 optimization.

This being said, we know that IE has a faithful following, including many of our clients and their customers. The recent release of IE 10 (check out their sweet Child of the 90s commercial on YouTube) and the overhaul from Windows 7 to Windows 8 may bring people closer to the browser of choice for many users. Still, according to, only about 14% of internet users prefer Internet Explorer.

Fear Not

If you’re an Internet Explorer advocate – fear not. We will continue to develop our websites to be cross-browser compatible. And just because we won’t be supporting IE 7 doesn’t mean your website will be completely jacked for the people viewing it in IE 7. The bugs and little nuances of this old browser version may just make a few things seem a little off.

Time to Upgrade

Consider this a bugle ringing in your ears. If you haven’t upgraded your browser in a while, now is the time. To find out what version your browser is, you’ll most likely need to locate and click on an “About (insert browser name here)” link either under Help or Settings.

The most popular browsers are as follows:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Firefox
  3. Internet Explorer

Depending on your device and platform, you may find you like to use one browser over another, and there are advantages and challenges to each.

Ready for a Make-Over?

Do you have a website that is looking more than a bit “off” no matter what browser you’re using? We can help. MayeCreate Design specializes in website design and development. We use the latest coding techniques and solid designs to build business identities online. Get your pride on and contact us today for a free consultation conversation.

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