Marie's comp for the new website home page.

Marie’s design for the new MayeCreate website home page.

It’s true the cobbler’s children have no shoes.  And we’re calling ourselves out.  I admit we’ve had the same website for three years now.  We’re in the website comfort zone.  We like the pictures; we like the colors, even the fonts are pretty okay.  We added on a blog and a resources section that’s quite frankly gotten out of control.  Even I can’t find what I’m looking for sometimes! So the kamikaze web development must end.

I’m writing to tell you about our website goals so that you can hold us to them.  When we do website design for others we make sure they don’t stray too far from the yellow brick road.  Now we need your help to keep us from being attacked by those darn flying monkeys.

Our revamped website will reach the following goals:

  1. Improved navigation to help visitors get where they want to go and then go back where them came from, oh yeah that’s possible!
  2. A stronger landing page.  We’re going to have room for us, room for you, our steadfast and loyal patrons, and then a bit of space for the newbies who are thinking they might want to make us their friend too.
  3. Remodeled resources and blog with a good overview to help everyone find what they’re looking for.  We really want to ramp up this portion of our site with more photos and how to videos. We sleep sometimes but know that not everyone does, so we want you to be able to get answers to commonly asked questions anytime, day or night.
  4. An updated portfolio to show off all of our fanciness.
  5. Well thought out services pages that actually show examples of our work.  I know it’s a crazy idea to show logos we’ve successfully designed on the logos page but we’re going to try it and see if it boosts business 😉
  6. Adding a section describing our workshops and allowing visitors to sign up online.
  7. Throwing out the junk we don’t need.
  8. Giving props to our team members with an enhanced meet the team page.  I don’t think people want to read about MayeCreate, I think they want to read about the coolness radiating from Marie, Stacy, Kaylin and Jaclyn.
  9. We’re going to do all these things and still keep the look and feel of our current site and marketing materials.  Because like I said we actually like our look we just need to get our fancy pants on.  And to be honest we’re so matchy-mc-matcherson that if we change one thing we’d have to change it all and then we’d never get to work on our client projects!

So wish us luck!  We’re excited to get started.  We’ve already added our workshops description and sign up section.  And Marie designed the layout of the new landing page. If you see some crazy stuff going on when you get to have no fear, just refresh, we’re busy building and breaking things.

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