Now a little older and wiser with experience and knowledge gained in 2019, our Project Managers here at MayeCreate are forging head-on into the next challenges and joys of the account service life with the start of the new year. See what’s in store for 2020!


At the time of publishing this blog post, I am on my 325th day as a MayeCreater — so far so good! Post-college life is treating me well as I fill my days with projects both in and out of the office.

Projects in the Office

I’m enjoying my time as a project manager, though it may be hectic! I spend most of my day working with our online marketing accounts — mostly local businesses and organizations, including many that I knew long before joining MayeCreate. For me, working with our local clients is a wonderful opportunity to connect with the community in new ways, and it is always fulfilling to be able to help organizations meet their goals through marketing services.


Handling over a dozen clients at the same time presents some challenges, though (especially when some are marketing through multiple mediums). This degree of organization requires some getting used to, but thankfully I’m learning from the best. No project manager should go without a couple of nifty tools either!

Here are some I’ve found particularly helpful:

  • Event Merge – Google Calendars is great, but having multiple calendars open at the same time can become a bit of a hot mess. This extension takes shared events from multiple calendars and turns them into singular compact, candy-cane-esque stripe patterned events.
  • Loom – I have a love/hate relationship with this extension…I love it in that it’s a cool and engaging way to communicate something to a client or a coworker, but I hate that I sound more nasally through the webcam. Whatever. Mix up your communication with this video screen capturing software. 
  • Weekly Planner – Notice there’s no link for this one… Not all of my organizational tools are on the computer! I’d be lost without having a planner for tracking all of my tasks. For the longest time, I was working out of a 4”x7” notebook, and that simply wasn’t functional. I have since switched to a full-sized planner that spreads my week across two pages, with a column for each day. It’s great, and you owe it to yourself to use a planner, too. 
A before and after of Jacob's calendar using the Event Merge Chrome extension

Projects at Home

After a day of juggling marketing projects in the office, I like to come home and get neck deep in more projects. A few months ago, I moved across Columbia to a more spacious residence, which now allows me the freedom to decorate as I please. My recent obsession has been building pipe furniture: a glorious marriage of iron pipe and fittings with wooden surfaces resulting in some cool industrial-looking pieces that are also sturdy and functional. I’m already filling our place with pipe-shelves and tables, and I’m building more as you read this. Pipe furniture is quickly taking over my home. I can’t stop, please send help. 

Jacob's new industrial shelf
Jacob's old cameras sitting on his new industrial shelf
A floor shelf built by Jacob, holding his amp.
Another image of the floor shelf with the amp

Another hobby I’ve been picking up over the last year has been film photography. Despite the extreme inconvenience of using 35mm film, I found it to be an enjoyable pastime. There is a wealth of cheap, old cameras to be found in thrift stores and relatives’ attics. I’m guilty of starting a small collection of these, with production dates ranging from 1902 to 1983 (see picture of cameras on a fabulous pipe shelf).


It is conference season! If I’m not in the office, you will probably find me at a construction-related conference around the state of Missouri with the SITE Improvement Association, Missouri Asphalt Pavement Association, Associated General Contractors of Missouri, Transportation Engineers Association of Missouri, and more. 

It’s a very exciting time at MayeCreate! We are adding new positions, so look out for some meet our new people posts in our blog soon. With new people, we are working through all of our processes and making sure we are keeping the client needs at the forefront of the project all the way through. We even have a fancy new(ish) infographic outlining our process!

The MayeCreate Web Design Infographic

Christmas and Spinning

At home, we had an amazing Christmas with my small humans and our families. Ryan and I hosted many holidays which proved to be a bit interesting with Ryan having two hand surgeries in the last 6 weeks of the year. He is healing well and getting his grip strength back. We started a new tradition a few years ago with my family where we spend the night with my parents and all the grandkids on December 23rd then have all of our Christmas activities on Christmas Eve. It has been a fun tradition to carry on. 

We went on all the light tours we could find and even drove up to Callao to Latchford Light’s that was featured on the Great American Light Fight a couple of years ago. I love these little traditions we are creating with our family! Owen was super excited that Santa brought him a Beyblades stadium and Logan is into everything Paw Patrol! 

As for me, I’m still spinning. I recently tried the Peloton app and am loving it! It offers several styles of workouts and I’ve picked up learning a bit more about yoga from using Peloton as well. Maybe someday I’ll go to a class that isn’t at my house! 

Stacy's kiddos in front of the Magic Tree
Firetruck lit up with Christmas lights


Now the holiday season is over, I have been getting back to my normal routine within work and personal life. With CoMoGives coming to a close, with a goal breaking amount may I add, I am getting back to my day to day actives of working with my clients and design team.  As the web design division, we are continuously looking for ways to stay ahead of the times and keep up with Google standards. We are currently tackling the topic of website speed and privacy policies. If you are one of our wonderful clients, you may be hearing from me soon 🙂 

Speaking of staying ahead of the times, I now have a third screen, yep you read correctly, THREE. Talk about being efficient! It has taken a while to get use to but that third screen can really come in handy! I mean now I get to check my email, play around in the calendar, and make website updates all at the same time, though I won’t lie sometimes that third screen is used to discover new music to work to. My newest discovery is Mayaeni, check her out if you’re into indie/soul/house music!  

Erika's sweet new office setup with three monitors (one is a TV)
My sweet new setup…

As for my personal life, as a project manager, I love to work on big time-consuming projects outside of work. I am currently working on a few different projects. As you may have seen in some of my pasts posts, I am a fan of quilting, I have since expanded my sewing horizons to including garment sewing, and am thinking very hard about getting into making bags next :). Switching gears from quilting to garment sewing has been both challenging and rewarding. Below are some of the projects I have been working on:

Oh, and did I mention I got a new fancy sewing machine? Mildrid (the smaller machine on the right) has been with me for over 10 years and will remain with me as a backup. On the left, meet M.J. (Mildrid Jr.)! She is pretty fancy and a bit higher maintenance, but she can really handle the heavier duty fabrics and bulk. So far I am very happy with my purchase. 

Erika's two sewing machines side by side

On deck for me:

  • Planning a friends trip to Colorado
  • Diving into making bags
  • Waiting for the weather to warm up to get back on my bike

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