We asked the gang here at MayeCreate Design a simple question: “What are you into lately”?

The answer … quite a lot apparently! Time to catch up with your favorite group of web designers & online marketers!

Monica Maye Pitts — Chief Creative Officer

Only the CCO can make a last minute social media sign

Since we hired Julie, our new online marketing manager, I’ve been on a crusade to learn so much about AdWords that my head hurts. I’ve done the live trainings, watched the webinars, I’ve read the articles… but here’s the deal, if you know me, you know I’m an audio learner. So, after a bit of encouragement from Dana, I did some podcast searching. A few (which shall remain nameless) were just plain yuck until I stumbled upon The Paid Search Podcast. I really like those dudes!

As Julie is going through the basics of AdWords and refreshing me each step of the way, these guys are filling my head with strategy and answering questions that I’ve been beating my head against the wall (I did mention it hurts) about for at least the last 8 months.

It reminds me of when I studied abroad in college and my friend Laura was in basic spanish, learning mainly vocab. While I was in advanced spanish, I possesed minimal vocabulary — but could make sentences and conjugate verbs with the best of them. We’d walk into new situations as a formidable pair, Laura as the walking dictionary, me as the designated speaker. Ahh… precious memories… so yeah, Julie and I are kind of the same type of dynamic duo right now.

Back to the point though, if you’re interested in Google Adwords or just like to hear man banter, check out The Paid Search Podcast. I wanna be like these dudes when I grow up.


Rebecca Thomas — Designer

Things I’m into??? Gosh, it changes daily. 

I’m very much a consumer of creativity:

  • Animation
  • Comics
  • Video Games
  • YouTube Creators & Film Projects
  • Traditional & Digital Art
  • Novels & Flash Fiction

You make it, I wanna know about it.

More? We’ve got the reboot of She-Ra. The second season of Pretty Dudes. Fan Zines for popular content I follow. Recipes for the upcoming season (High Key going to make Apple Cider from scratch.)

I’m super excited for Kingdom Hearts III. I keep crying over the soundtrack and bingeing the old games. (KH3D owns me TBH.) C.S. Pacat’s ‘Fence’ comic just got approved to continue as a graphic novel past its original contracted 12 issues.

The new Spider-Man game is just amazing, plain and simple.

I am blessed in this year of 2018.

Erika Payne — Project Manager

One of my all time best friends is having a baby boy in October, so I have decided to make her a baby quilt! What started out as me researching “easy baby quilts” quickly escalated into one of the hardest quilts I’ve attempted yet.

Granted this is only the third quilt I’ve made… Or is it my fourth? You know how crazy quilting can get — it’s hard to keep track.

Here’s the pattern.
Lamas? Alpacas? Definitely llamas 
My semi-completed blocks!


This pattern is actually (relatively) easy and really, really fun. The tricky part is choosing my fabric… I just couldn’t resist the adorable llamas (or are they alpacas?), either way they were too cute not to get.

Because of my stubborn choice of fabric I have had to go back to JOANN not once, but twice! I have been working on the quilt for about a week now and probably still have another week — and hopefully only one more trip back to JOANN — until I get this blanket wrapped up (pun intended).

Stayed tuned to see the finished blanket…

Katie Guinn — Designer & Content Developer

My career shift into becoming a Designer at MayeCreate has triggered an uber geek phase in my life, as my current hobby has been to completely nerd out on learning CSS and everything I can about Adobe’s design software. It’s so soul-filling, I come home ranting and raving my family’s ears off about what I’m creating at work. I love it.
At home, I’ve been playing old school games with my 10-year-old, Snapchat-ing with my 3-year old, and exploring my husband’s favorite extracurricular activity, disc golf, to see what skills I may possess. Right now, it’s looking like there aren’t many, but it’s a great excuse to get outside and be active.

I replenish the self-esteem lost while disc golfing by working my vocals and goofing off with my twin sister, covering our favorite songs on video. Whether we get 6,000 views, 600 or 60, we have a ridiculously fun time together and enjoy critiquing ourselves so we can improve and explore other possibilities in the community.


Just an average Saturday night… NBD.

Tyler Ernst — Lead Designer

My focus has been split pretty evenly in two VERY different directions lately. I’ve been powerlifting with my wife, and working on a huge beadwork project.

I know those seem like two COMPLETELY different things, but that’s just my life right now.

Christi (my wife) and I, are competing in our first powerlifting competition on December 8th, so we’ve been training like crazy. We’re lifting or doing some variation of a strong-man type of workout five, usually six days a week at this point. Which sounds like it would be a lot, but we both really love it, and we push each other to always do better and lift more. It’s been a really fun experience.
As for the beadwork, I started really getting into making seed bead projects last summer when I made my beaded fan:

That got me hooked and I proceeded to make my beaded cuffs:


After those were done I started the BIG one: a beaded vest. That is still very much a work in progress. I have made the liner, got the pattern drawn out, and I’m almost done with the centerpiece of the back. After that it’s just lots and lots (and lots) of stitching on beads. Check it out:

That’s a lot of beadwork.


Julie Dworski — Online Marketing Manager

Being pregnant can be… challenging.

Since I started at MayeCreate in July I’ve been on an Online Marketing crash course. I’ve been brushing up on things I knew and learning things I didn’t know, and also things I didn’t know to know — and taking notes, lots and lots of notes. I did the Google training, I did the Facebook training, I’ve done the Facebook live calls, I’ve researched, I’ve pestered Monica with questions. And since the beast that is online advertising is ever-changing, I’ve set aside time for myself to learn new things every Friday.

Other than keeping up with the latest online marketing news, trends, theories and strategies, I’m mostly into food and sleeping. Oh yeah — by the way — my lovely husband Kyle and I will welcome our first child in December!

(Hopefully that excuses all the sleeping and the eating!)




Stacy Brockmeier — Account Executive

All about family…

Processes, processes, processes. What can I say? I’m the process queen. As we add new services and improve upon our tried and true ones, I’m making sure everything runs as smoothly as possible, both internally and externally. I want to make sure all the T’s are crossed and I’s are dotted so that everyone knows what to do, and who to hand it off to next.

I’m also gearing up for a busy sales season of hanging out with old friends, and new, to see how we can help them market their businesses!

At home, I’ve been spending as much time teaching my kids about new things as possible. This has included a lot of little trips this summer to various places around our state. Something happened in August and I don’t know how! I have a kindergartner… What? 

Personally, I’m a learnaholic (yes, it’s a real word) and my most recent exploration is learning about nutrition and blood sugar. I’ve also been getting back into boot-camp-style workouts which I love.

When did this happen?

Learning can be fun!

Dana Taylor — Social Media Manager & Content Coordinator

Bloggin’ & Vloggin’.

Blogging is still one of the most efficient and cost effective ways to generate traffic to your website. We’ve been doing it here at MayeCreate Design for years (which you know, I mean you’re reading our blog right now).

Simply by posting to your website’s blog regularly you will:

  • Improve your SEO rankings.
  • Generate traffic to your website.
  • Increase conversions.
  • Increase brand awareness.
  • Increase your credibility in the industry.
  • Improve client retention.

Enjoying another healthy breakfast in Newport Beach

Which are all very good things. Blogging and vlogging will also force you to consider industry issues in thoughtful and creative ways, often leading you to different perspectives and fresh insights.

As a writer by trade I love having the opportunity to blog and vlog for MayeCreate. We help other businesses in so many different ways, it’s fun to come up with creative and inspiring ways to show others how they could improve their marketing results as well.

When I’m not busy writing (which is not often) I’ve been busy traveling! I’ve been getting around the state (St. Louis, Jefferson City, Kansas City & Lake of the Ozarks) and North America (Orange County, San Francisco & Toronto). It’s always great to visit new places and see new things, but I’ve really enjoyed reconnecting with old friends and visiting old haunts.



What are you into right now?

Got a blogging or online marketing success story? Did you recently start a large scale beading project? Keep up with everyone on social media — @MayeCreate — and let us know what you’ve been into lately!

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