What is WordPress?

What do Beyonce and your local plumbing company have in common? They both use WordPress to power their websites, and they’re not alone. According to Envato, about 28% of websites use WordPress, making it the most popular way to publish a site on the web. The best part about it is you don’t need a Beyonce-sized budget to get a website that meets your needs.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system. A content management system means the software allows you to change your website or blog’s basic features with ease.

WordPress is a lifesaver for those who don’t want to spend their afternoons learning code websites. You don’t need to learn code to be able to format text or add pictures, you can take advantage of the user-friendly interface to make your site look awesome. Looking to streamline online communication with clients or let visitors shop for your products from your website? Instead of manually writing code to add an email form or shopping cart to your website, you can just select a plugin to create the feature or function you want.

The software is open source, so anyone can access and modify it, which keeps prices low and ensures users have lots of design options. Most web designers choose to use WordPress.org instead of WordPress.com for this reason. They’re both reputable and useful tools, but WordPress.org allows for more freedom and personalization and requires you host your own website or blog.

How is WordPress beneficial for me?

  1. Develop a Site You Can Build On

    You can start simple or go big.  With 50,897 plugins available, you definitely have an insane amount of options, whether it’s search engine optimization you want or social media features incorporated into your website. Whatever website ideas you have, WordPress can make it happen whether you want it now or later.

  2. Protect Your Budget

    WordPress software is free to download. You’ll need to host your website, and may also have to pay for your domain name or URL, but those costs tend to be low. And like we said, WordPress is open source, which keeps prices low if you decide to take advantage of its free plugins or themes.

  3. Easily Find Professional Help

    Are you interested in taking up blogging, or do you just want a basic website? As the most widely-used content management system on the web, there’s no shortage of WordPress experts who can help you do both. You can easily find help on how to use WordPress yourself or you can seek guidance from a professional designer.  And if you don’t choose the right designer the first time you can fire them and not have to re-do everything you just paid for…unless you don’t own it, but that’s a story for another day.

A Cut Above the Rest

If you’re looking for an expandable and widely-used content management system, you might want to consider using WordPress for your next website. WordPress costs are low and there are thousands of options for expanding the functionality to choose from. Being the most popular content management system on the web doesn’t hurt either!

While we can’t claim to be the geniuses responsible for WordPress’s start and evolution, we’ve got a finger on the pulse of what makes it great and can help you navigate its wonders if you need some assistance. We’re just a call (or email) away.

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