The real question is, “What sparks the interest of your viewers?”  Readers are “I” centric.  Ideally all posts will impact readers personally.   When blogging your goal is to provide relevant information that interests your viewers, prospects or clients so they’ll want to come back for more.
First, remove your ear plugs.  Listen to the questions and comments of your clients.  Blog topics will fall from the sky when you’re paying attention!

Next, gauge your industry blogosphere.  Seek out the blogs of your competitors or industry leaders.  Take note of their blog topics and the number of comments they receive from viewers.

Still not sure what to blog about? Here’s a list of topics that work for other businesses to help you generate ideas:

  1. FAQ and How-To – Make a list of questions you commonly hear.  Consider driving clients back to the FAQ section of your blog as an added support feature.  When clients email you questions send them a link to the blog post to save typing time.
  2. Photos – If you take before and after shots this is a great way to keep everyone informed of what a great job you do.  You can still add the photos to your gallery page AND post a few to Facebook with a link back to see more in your blog.
  3. Video – Clarify hard to explain FAQ’s and How-To situations via video, then post to YouTube. In 2008 YouTube surpassed Yahoo to claim #2 search engine just behind Google.  It’s easy to put video in your blog using their embed feature and it’s free!
  4. What’s happening? – Humanize your company.  In the Mid-West we often do business with others because we like them as people.  Introduce new employees, a service or product you love, share life changing events such as weddings and births.  When featured in a print publications link to the article or get permission to re-post it in your blog.  Don’t forget to include the byline.
  5. Specials and Promotions – Everyone loves to save money, tell them how.  If you place print advertisements ask the magazine to send an image file of your ad (jpg, gif or png) and post it to your blog for a quick readymade post.
  6. Controversy (Industry Specific) – Debunk a myth or clarify industry specific controversy.  When the public is talking about an issue and you’re the expert give them the facts to fuel conversation. If you don’t want to take sides write using a point/counterpoint approach to the topic.
  7. Featured Client – Give back with your blog.  Start with a photo or logo of a featured client and include a description of their services.  Then in a case study format explain why they engaged your company and how you helped.
  8. Events – Before events share directions and additional details.  After events post photos and a recap of the action.
  9. Testimonials & Reviews – Share testimonials or reviews of your service or the products you sell.  Add a photo and name of the satisfied customer to build credibility.  Better yet, grab your digital camera and snap a video!
  10. Industry News & Advances – Subscribe to industry specific blogs or newsletters to stay in touch with what’s new in your area of expertise.  Share this information with your visitors and explain the technology benefits them.

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