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Regular readers of the MayeCreate blog may remember our “What We’re Looking Forward to in 2019” blog, and how I was excited to watch the upcoming Toronto Raptors playoff run from the relative safety of my couch here in Columbia, Missouri. Turns out… that playoff run… went pretty well! What am I “into” right now? Basking in the effervescent glow of an NBA Championship! As a major Raps supporter since their literal inception, it was gratifying to watch the team defy expectations and deliver the first major sports title to the city of Toronto in 26 years

Amazing as winning was, my favorite part was being able to watch the fans celebrate in Toronto and in “mini Jurassic Parks” all across the country. The ups and downs of the championship experience were full of exuberance, exacerbation and ultimately exhilaration, allowing us to feel like were right there at home, cheering together with our fellow Canadians, no matter where we were in the world. 


Always Growing 

I have a 1st grader…

Do you all remember when we introduced you to my first tiny person? Owen has now graduated from kindergarten and has gained the title of First Grader! He had an amazing teacher and has become a fantastic reader. In fact, Mrs. Verble made each child a cute book for the end of the year. She gave the students a writing prompt for each page and took their picture that correlated to what they wrote about. Turns out Owen will miss *books* this summer. I’m not sure if this is a parenting win or parenting fail… He really likes books so that is a win, but does he not realize we have books at home for him to read? Hmmm…. 6-year-olds.

Leadership & Growth

Leadercast! We attended Leadercast a few weeks ago and heard amazing speakers such as Andy Stanley, Gayle King, Ginger Hardage, and my personal favorite Carla Harris. Carla (like we are on a first name basis now) brought the heat. She has been a woman on Wall Street for 30 years! Check her out so she can teach you why it’s okay to bring all your “Carlas” to the table… 

Office Shuffling

MayeCreate is growing! We are getting two interns this summer. Where are we going to put them you ask? Well, we are going to have to do a little office shuffling and that also means that we are going to be taking over the entire office. Tranquility will be moving to the suite next door. Our conference room will be moving near the front door and nearly everyone will be moving around a bit or getting a different desk. We are pretty excited to have the interns and our very own office!


Too Cool for School

Earlier this month I finished my last semester at the University of Missouri. While most people are trying to get as far from school as possible, I barely made it over 1,000 feet. What’s 1,000 feet from campus you ask? MayeCreate Design of course! This month I have also gone from part-time intern to full-time employee! The transition from being a student will take some getting used to, and I still might wake up in the middle of the night thinking I have a paper due, but I’m excited about the new duties that I’m taking on here.

Warmer Weather

The day after graduation Ash and I took off for Florida, where we joined her family for a week-long reunion. We had a great time relaxing on the beach, going out with family, and getting more than a little sunburnt.

Now that I’m back inland, I plan on taking advantage of the warm weather here in Missouri. I have been rock climbing on campus for the last several weeks. This summer I would like to graduate from an indoor wall to a real piece of rock. When the ideal weekend presents itself, I will also be biking to the neighboring town of Rocheport.

Making Noise

With my sudden abundance of free time I have been able to spend more time playing instruments. Recently I’ve been nerding out over modular synthesis. A modular synth is essentially a collection of components that would make up a regular synthesizer, but they are connected through a series of rearrangeable patch cables that look an awful lot like colorful spaghetti. The system of patch cables allows for a seemingly endless number of possible routings for both signals and voltages, allowing for a wide range of sequences and sounds. 

Endless possibilities… what’s not to be into?


This summer I’m looking forward to my patio. 

It’s the simple things in life, right? Last summer we built the patio and this summer we’re furnishing it. It’s almost ready! We have a patio couch with cushions, a table and chairs, a sun shade and umbrella… The only thing it’s missing now is a pool, but I need to get over that because it’s never going to happen

I’m very excited to finally have the patio complete and I have big plans for it, like morning coffee on the patio. Nothing starts the day off better than iced coffee with coconut milk and a little sunshine. I think it’ll go perfectly with some Google Ads keyword reviews and ppc podcasts before I go to work. (*Editor’s note: We don’t think she’s kidding.)

I also planted some mint and basil and a few other herbs because nothing makes me happier after work than relaxing with a baby (specifically my baby, Della) and a fresh, minty drink. Mojitos are one of my favorites. I make some mint simple syrup to keep in the fridge and make it quick, easy and extra minty. Lemonade with strawberries and mint or basil is also high up on my list of favorite beverages. 

Our patio gets really strong afternoon sun, so the sun shade and umbrella are essential. Hopefully we’ll have some nice evening dinners on the patio before it gets too hot. But then wouldn’t it be great to jump in the pool in the backyard when it’s in the 90s? I know, I know, never going to happen. Maybe we’ll compromise on a little kiddie pool.


I love summer! I get to wear sandals again, one of my favorite holidays is in the summer (Independence Day), and I get to do all kinds of fun outdoor activities like hiking, going to baseball games or having a drink on the patio — the possibilities are pretty much endless! Out of all the amazing summer activities I look forward to here are the four I’m looking forward to the most: 

Lazy Days on the Lake 

I consider myself lucky to have grown up at the Lake of the Ozarks. Not only am I from the lake but I’m told my mother’s side of the family is one of the four founding families of the Camdenton/Old Linn Creek area. My family owns a hunting lodge that was built back in 1920 overlooking the big Niangua River (now looking over the lake). Over the years it has become a place where my family gathers in the summer to play in the water and reminisce with one another. It’s probably my favorite place in the world. Even though it seems close to the highway, going there feels like entering another world every time you turn down the beaten and worn path to what we call Pelican’s Point. Every year I look forward to summer so I can once again lay on a raft on the water for hours and let the worries of normal life slip away.

Kicking Off the 2019 CoMoGives Campaign

‘Tis the season to start thinking CoMoGives for the MayeCreate/CoMoGives team. This is when we get to reflect on the previous year and brainstorm ways to improve the donors and nonprofit participants experience during the campaign, and of course finding new ways to get the word out about CoMoGives! We have some great ideas that we will be implementing throughout the summer. 

Riding My Bike to Work

I love riding my bike and in April I bought a brand new bike from Walts Bike Shop (just in time for the pedjam) and have been trying to ride it as much as possible. This includes riding my bike to work and downtown the weekends. Nothing beats riding downtown on a Saturday morning to Uprise Bakery for tea and reading. . .except maybe going to the lake of course 🙂

Dana’s Wedding

As you may have read Dana is getting married this summer in Cali! So I’m picking up my twin sister Andrea on the way and we are making a trip out of it. It’s the perfect vacation! I get to celebrate two of my favorite people and have an adventure with my sister. Not to mention one of my closest friends from school lives in the same town as the wedding (shout-out Newport Beach), so I get to catch up with her as well. Like I said the perfect vacation! I can’t wait to cheers to Dana and Ashley. 

The Best is Yet to Come

Lot’s for exciting things coming up both at work and professionally for everyone here at MayeCreate Design! Summer reading? Bike riding? Marital bliss? What are you looking forward to over the summer months? Let us know on social media! You can connect with the whole team by following @mayecreate. 

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