When you look at a brand, what’s the first thing you notice? Their name, maybe. Their tagline, maybe. Their color, definitely. And you may think color is a small part of the equation, but according to experts, it’s quite opposite.
Roy G. Biv affects how consumers interpret your brand. And if you don’t know who Roy G. Biv is, I have to wonder how in the world you learned your colors as a child. You know, the rainbow colors? Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet- Roy G. Biv.

It’s been proven that people relate colors to specific characteristics. If brands pick the wrong color, they may be turning away potential customers, just because they don’t get a good vibe from the product. It sounds weird, but think about it. I personally wouldn’t go to the grocery store to buy fruit snacks that come in a black box. Fruit snacks are supposed to be fun and fruity, not black and sophisticated. And fruit snacks are mainly focused on selling to kids. Kids want bright and happy, not dark and scary.

That’s just one example of how color affects a brand. Check out an infographic that Blueberry Labs created that defines how people interpret a brand’s colors.

How Your Brand Color Affects Your Businessinfographic-brand colors

See how your good ol’ friend Roy G. Biv can affect your brand? Hopefully your brand’s colors are representing your company in a positive manner. And if not, maybe color is something your company can consider changing. Who knows, it may even be a way to better your marketing and sales!

If you need additional help, here’s a really nifty color wheel tool from Canva that’ll help you pick colors that look good together. There’s even a drop-down that allows you to choose your combination type — complementary, monochromatic, analogous, triadic, and tetradic. Cause once your brand is finalized, you’ll be slapping it on every lovin’ marketing material you possibly can, right? So it’s only right to make sure you pick colors that really compliment each other.

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