Not every company needs a logo, but if you want a logo for your business, cutting corners in the design process is just not an option. Some people think they can save themselves some money and come up with something great on their own. But we’re here to break it to ya…your free logo looks free, and that’s probably not an image you want to uphold when it comes to your business.

5 Reasons to Have Your Logo Professionally Designed

1. The logo you designed in Microsoft Word looks like you designed it in Microsoft Word.

We get it. Microsoft Word can help you do much more than just write a paper. But when it comes to your logo, it’s not necessarily the best move to take advantage of the shape and text box inserts despite the wide range of color fill and outline options. Your creativity will be truly limited when working in a program like Word.

MayeCreate Logo

The MayeCreate logo was definitely not created in Microsoft Word.

When the pros design your logo, they’re not going to use Microsoft Word. They’re going to use software like Adobe Illustrator that’s specifically created to aid in design tasks such as logo creation. In addition to the endless amounts of creative freedom Illustrator affords to designers, this program also allows them to design your logo with many uses in mind. Your logo will be saved in many formats for uses including, but not limited to, business cards to billboards. A Microsoft Word designed logo will barely work on a business card.

2. Professional designers are trained to artistically combine logo elements.

Pretty much anyone with an elementary understanding of Microsoft Word can create a logo like the one on the left in less than 3 minutes… But just because you can do this doesn’t mean you should, especially when a professional designer can create something as intricate and high quality as the logo on the right at a reasonable price.

Microsoft Word Logo vs. Professional Design

Professional designers also have a lot of experience with fonts and logo styles, so they’re likely to have a better eye for determining what font combinations work within your logo, finding the style that matches your business, and even pairing colors together for an aesthetically pleasing creation.

Designing a logo can also be overwhelming if you try to do it alone. So much goes into the design process that you may have never even considered, such as picking words and letter case preferences, determining areas of emphasis, choosing fonts and icons, and thinking through arrangement and colors. A professional designer is going to pay attention to all of the details, leaving you with a low stress logo design experience.

3. Designing probably is not your specialty.

If you’re in the market for a new logo for your company, chances are you’re a business person, not a designer. That being said, you probably have a lot of other, more pressing concerns to worry about when it comes to managing your business aside from crafting up a new logo. Everything will go over much more smoothly if everyone focuses on what they do best. You’re the best at running your business and a designer specializes in creating logos. Why try to reinvent the wheel by taking on two jobs when there are other people that can do one of them for you in a more efficient manner?

Professional Logos

Logo images from LogoPond. Design credit to LuBera Design (Hansen’s, Trompos, Corey Creek).

4. The pros can turn your vision into a reality.

You know the most about your business, that’s true, and I’m sure you have an idea of what you want your logo to imply, or say, about your business. While you may not be the one to design your logo, you still have the freedom to express your input to your designer. You aren’t kicked out of the process!

The whole idea behind having a professional design your logo is for them to bring your vision to life in a high quality way. Bring your ideas to the table when meeting with your designer. They’ll take them as inspiration and involve you in the revision process. They’ll even give you a few options of various renderings to choose from. If you like elements from a couple different versions they can easily combine them into a perfect and finalized logo, hopefully resulting in a creation that’s even better than you originally imagined.

5. If you care about your business image, invest in a logo.

Simple Logo

Even simple logos should be carried out using design specific software. (Image from LogoPond, design credit to Alex Wende.)

If you’re still not convinced that having your logo professionally designed is worth it, try thinking of it like this: at the end of the day, your logo has a lot to do with your business image. People remember logos. Most people can recognize businesses based off the strategic combinations of shapes, colors, letters and elements that make up your logo. If you want a professional business image, you need a professional logo.

And remember, logos don’t have to cost an arm and a leg. If you do your research and compare design companies based on your needs and budget, you’ll eventually find the perfect match.

The Bottom Line

We’re not saying you absolutely must go to a professional design company for your logo design needs, but you should think twice before advertising your business with a low quality logo. It’s great to brainstorm ideas in preparation for your logo journey, but leave it to the professionals when it comes to the final execution.

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