Author, Musician, Speaker, Dabbler Kent King’s personal website.

All of our custom web designs reflect the person, organization or business they are built for. is no exception.

It was a pleasure working with Kent King while working on his personal website. He is a published author, musician, speaker and self-proclaimed “dabbler”. We don’t often have the opportunity to use words like “Whatchamacallit” as a page title, so this project was an inspiring one! The dark, but warm look suits the Christian Fiction novels he writes.

In addition to information about himself, his books and resources, Kent opens his writing and other articles to discussion and debate. His site will soon allow the general public to post articles, questions and musings as conversation starters. Anyone interested in learning more can visit his website at

Thank you and congratulations to Kent King. Any individual, organization, or business interested in learning more about our custom web design services can visit our portfolio or contact us today. We also offer an array of other design services. Get your pride on and start the conversation.

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