A lot of people who are just getting started with WordPress don’t find out until later that WordPress offers two very distinct services, WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG.
WordPress.COM is primarily a blogging site, offered as a free and easy to use online website management system that hosts your website on its own server.

WordPress.ORG, on the other hand, is solely a website management system. It doesn’t host your website. WordPress.ORG requires more web knowledge, but it also allows you greater flexibility with your site. It is the suggested service for businesses.

When MayeCreate designs your website, we use WordPress.ORG as the management system. This allows us to upload a custom design but also provides an intuitive management system for our clients once the site has been taken live.

Trying to decide which service will fit your needs? Below is a side-by-side comparison between WordPress.COM and WordPress.ORG:


For more information about the difference between WordPress.ORG and WordPress.COM, view this infographic from WPMU.org:


WordPress.org vs. WordPress.com


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