When we started to employ content management systems to give our clients the ability to update their websites we built them from scratch.  That was hard.  And it left us with a bunch of glitches to work out a the end.  Next we tried FCK editor.  A much better solution but still not as user friendly or flexible as we needed to meet the mark.  Then we found WordPress and we’re not going back.
Why do we use WordPress software?

  • Usability – WordPress makes it easy to update website content without knowing HTML.  This lowers maintenance costs and the need to wait while a webmaster makes changes to your site.
  • Expandable – The software has a modular nature that allows components to be added and subtracted from the core functionalities with ease.  Enhancing flexibility when the site is built and in the future when additions or modifications are required.
  • Support – Development began in 2001 and is continues today.  The software is widely supported with easy to find tutorials, user and developer communities.
  • SEO – WordPress provides good search engine optimization (SEO) right out of the box.  Additional improvements can be made for better results.

Below are sites created with WordPress by MayeCreate along with information about how we’ve used the system to enhance the site’s functionality.


  • Multiple email forms to assist with hiring and donations
  • Allows for online donations
  • Blog functionality
  • Cross references information from the blog to multiple sections of the site
  • Content is fully editable
  • Two events calendars utilizing Google calendar integration


  • Utilizes blog functionality to display the resources  section
  • Cross references information from the supporting data and case studies to multiple sections of the site
  • Content is fully editable
  • Password protected product order form
  • Integrated sales force email forms in contact section
  • Dynamic find a representative feature


  • Featured blog post on home page
  • Blog functionality to display multiple sections of site including events, newsletters, needs list and directors blog
  • Sidebars change based on page section
  • Accepts online donations
  • Content is fully editable


  • Featured blog post on the home page
  • Updateable client testimonials
  • Photo gallery functionality displays product lines
  • Content is fully editable


  • Featured blog posts on home page
  • Multiple category display on main blog page
  • Members only section with multiple levels of user access
  • Membership sign up from that is held in database until approval then passed to member directory
  • Private membership directory
  • Registered members can edit their own member bios and change passwords
  • Content is fully editable

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