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This is a screen shot from the opening page of WorkHands.


In the white collar world, LinkedIn has created the perfect way to network. There are more than a handful of head hunters out there looking to hire their next receptionist or IT guy and LinkedIn can be a great place to find that perfect him or her. While being a great tool though, LinkedIn doesn’t really include the blue collar workers.

A new way for people with skilled trades to network is through WorkHands. WorkHands is known as the “blue collar LinkedIn”.

So what is it?

James Dunbar and Patrick Cushing, who work in tech in Silicon Valley, noticed the need for a networking site for cunning people who work with their hands. So, they created WorkHands in September of 2013, an online, job network for skilled tradespeople. This social media network hails in all 50 states, in every major trade with all levels of experience.

Types of Trades

The list of trades include a wide array of talents, such as:

  • Electric
  • Pipefitting
  • Framing
  • Automotive tech
  • Mechanics
  • Trucking
  • Gunsmithing
  • Agriculture
  • Fishing
  • Solar
  • And many more

Now tell me how many jobs you can find on LinkedIn in these areas. (cricket, cricket) WorkHands has fulfilled the need of networking in the industries LinkedIn has failed to.

Upload Pictures

WorkHands allows users to upload pictures of projects they have worked on, unlike most traditional job sites where you only upload a resume and maybe a profile picture. This social network also allows you to upload licenses and certificates you’ve earned. Your skill is how you get a job and it’s important for potential employers to see that. WorkHands understands your need to show off the best weld you’ve ever done.


You will be able to connect with members of your trade organization. Find other WorkHands members from your trade school, apprenticeship, association, company or union.

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After reading many articles about WorkHands, I haven’t seen any negative comments about the social networking site. Users have provided great reviews about their experiences with WorkHands.

WorkHands has created a social network utilized by over 30,000 skilled trade workers in the U.S. We think it might be worth looking into for your company if you’re looking to hire, or if you’re seeking a blue collar job.

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