The MayeCreate team dressed up

A tiger, fairy, wood nymph, and prosecutor.

All holidays present an opportunity for creatives to express themselves, but Halloween is like that little kid wearing a big fat M&M costume among a line of princesses, ghouls and superheros. It’s a weird holiday. And as such, it’s especially creative.

We celebrated Halloween at the MayeCreate office by snacking on bloody eyeball cupcakes, getting giddy off of candy and wearing our best costumes.

Okay, let’s be honest. The costumes were forced upon us by a very enthusiastic Monica who threatened to rent a costume for anyone who “forgot” to wear his or hers to work on Halloween.

A lesson learned about Halloween costumes is a lesson learned about website design, though. Creativity doesn’t always come to you when you or a client requests it. Sometimes you have to call creativity up from the graves and set it out like a zombie to tear up the world.

If you dressed up for Halloween, we want you to know that you will always be a superhero to MayeCreate…or a vampire, or whatever other identity you revealed this fun October day. To unmask the true identity of your business, contact MayeCreate Design today. We know your choice of Halloween costume has something to say about your personal identity, just like your website has something to say about your business.

Even if you’re not looking to refine your business image, have a fun Halloween, bundle up, wear reflective tape and vote in our pumpkin carving contest.

Go to our Facebook page to vote on the best pumpkin carver from the images below:

1. Graphic Designer Tyler Ernst’s Pumpkins

2. Project Manager Amanda Eiberger’s Pumpkins

3. Graphic Designer Marie Newell’s Pumpkin


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