3 Free GivingTuesday Email Templates

3 Free GivingTuesday Email Templates

Save time – fill in the blanks.

You already know you need to send emails on GivingTuesday.

What you might not know is when to send them or how many. And if you’re pressed for time or not exactly sure what to say in those emails…fill-in-the-blank templates to the rescue!

For the past 8 years I’ve been in charge of the marketing for a year-end giving campaign that supports over 150 nonprofits in my community powered by the Community Foundation of Central Missouri.

Last year we helped them raise over $1.6 million dollars starting by sending these 3 GivingTuesday emails. And you can use them too.

Get started with 3 free fill-in-the-blank GivingTuesday email templates!

  • A complete schedule of when to send your emails
  • Fill in the blank email templates for 3 GivingTuesday campaign emails (you can totally send more though 😁)
  • Supplemental resources to help you talk about your organization in a way that will easily connect with your donors
  • Multiple subject lines per email to choose from
  • And an on demand training video

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