Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template

Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template

Does marketing your organization feel like chasing bright shiny objects?

Take control of your plan.

Nonprofit Marketing Plan Template

If you’re feeling pulled in all directions or just trying to get from one social media post to the next – this template is for you.

Documenting your plan now will save you time and give you control over your marketing. PLUS, it lets you get back to doing what matters most – serving your mission.

This template will…

  • Outline the parameters you need to make your marketing decisions (So you know when to say YES or NO to a marketing opportunity).
  • Remove the guesswork – This guide provides a clear path (like a fill-in-the blank workbook) to document what you need in your plan.
  • Teach the MayeCreate methodology for streamlining marketing projects (Because your plan is only as successful as the activities you can actually complete!)
  • Include time-saving tips for creating your plan AND working it.
  • Cover the basics of reviewing your marketing activities (with links to more in-depth resources) so you can tell what’s working and what’s not.
  • BONUS! Marketing Asset Discovery Guide included!

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