Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop & Consulting Package

Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop

& Consulting Package

Regardless of your writing, design or tech skills,
less stressful and more successful marketing always starts in the same place: with a plan.

If marketing your nonprofit makes you feel:

  • Overwhelmed with the day-to-day grind of tasks
  • Unsure about what to say
  • Confused about what you should be doing and how often to do it
  • Tired of searching Google for answers
Then you, my friend, need a plan.
My goal is to create a supportive environment for nonprofit organizations to collaborate and create an attainable, less stressful, more successful marketing plan.

You don’t have to plan alone. We can all do it together.

Before I tell you all about this organization-changing opportunity
let’s talk about who this is really for:

It’s for the EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR who wears too many hats. Marketing your organization always seems to slide off your plate and get replaced with another more urgent and important task. You know it needs to be done but you don’t have time to waste doing disjointed randomness.

It’s for the VOLUNTEER delegated with the task of “outreach, communications, building awareness or marketing.” You want buy-in from the team and a clear direction for your marketing tasks.  You don’t have much time to invest so you need to be organized from the get-go.

It’s for the NEW MARKETER stepping into a role without years of experience to guide you. You want to do a good job, keep your boss happy and help the organization thrive. You have lots of ideas, you’re just not quite sure how to fit them all together and put them in action.

It’s for the EXPERIENCED MARKETER who feels like they’re running in the hamster wheel and looking for a new approach to planning the marketing for your organization. You know how to do all the things but you feel like you lack direction and just roll from day to day and task to task without a cohesive purpose.

This is not a “here’s where you click” workshop.

So it’s not for the person looking for step-by-step directions on how to do social media, email marketing, website design, Facebook ad creation or any other type of marketing task. Not to say you shouldn’t want or need instructions on how to do those things – heck I Google search for those very tips on a daily basis! That’s just not what we’ll be doing. 

This workshop will guide you through creating a plan to outline WHAT you need to do or learn, 
WHERE to invest your time and provide resources to help you figure out HOW you’ll get it done. 

Why am I doing this?  You ready for a story?

(I mean who doesn’t like a good story, right?)

Don’t roll your eyes when you read this – I truly believe that if every person donates a little bit of their talent to the universe we make our world a better place. Are you with me or do you think I’m just some crazy cheese bucket?

When the Community Foundation of Central Missouri approached us about building a website to house an online giving campaign for our local nonprofits we knew the only answer was yes. 

Participating in the CoMoGives campaign allowed the MayeCreate team to give back what makes us special as a team and benefit not just one nonprofit but many.

Our involvement with CoMoGives opened doors for us as we started working with organizations doing their ongoing marketing. The results were inspiring.  But not all nonprofits have the budget to hire a company like mine and my team of 10 can only help so many. 

I knew there had to be another way to give.

Read the rest of the story…

So we started offering nonprofit marketing training workshops for our CoMoGives participants. Being the daughter of two teachers, education is in my blood. During those workshops I heard what would later give me the courage to offer this opportunity.

See, my company has completed marketing projects for the past 16 years.

And we’ve created a plan for each and every one of them.
A plan to outline how each person in my team of 10 marketers will work on projects together simultaneously. So I can tell you first hand – when a project goes over budget, when a client feels confused, or when my team feels totally out of control it’s almost always because we didn’t follow the plan.

But even knowing all this as I started my online marketing department 5 years ago and started marketing for more than just MayeCreate it felt like we couldn’t plan enough. There were too many pieces, it always seemed to feel confusing and nonfunctional. We didn’t give up though and eventually we planned our way into fruition. 

Fast forward a few years…

There I was sitting in my basement during the pandemic with naught to do but stew, occasionally yell at my kids and figure out how to get websites to load faster when I realized our marketing workshop for CoMoGives would have to be virtual for 2020.  And then it hit me, I could reach more organizations than just those in my community.  

I remembered that feeling of confusion from the CoMoGives nonprofits.

So I started calling the nonprofits in my community.  And during those conversations I realized their marketing sometimes resembled the same cobbled together mess as my online marketing projects were at first.  And they were just as confused and frustrated as I’d been.

Then I made a decision.

While I had the time, while my business was slow and didn’t need it’s fearless leader on a daily basis I’d start breaking down the same marketing science I’d been talking about with businesses for over a decade, bit by bit.

Making worksheets, videos, blog posts and templates just for nonprofits. Anything I could think of to help them make a plan to promote their organization and generate donations to support the amazing work they do.  

Now here I am.  Boring you with this long-winded story when really I should be telling you to sign up for the Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop.  Instead of sharing how I can give my bit of talent into the universe to make the world a better place.  But now you know.  So we can get back to business.  

Here’s what you’ll get in this workshop & consulting combo.

I thought about putting about 1 million other things in this workshop. Because your plan is just the first step to less stressful more successful marketing. But every time I read the description for a workshop like this I thought, “there’s no way I’m going to actually learn all those things in an hour and a half, that’s like a semester’s worth of content.”

Instead of packing this offer with a million things we are going to focus on what’s most important to reduce overwhelm and deliver results.

  • Set marketing goals
  • Decide which marketing activities are right for your team, your organization and your audience
  • Set the frequency of your marketing activities
  • Create your content calendar for the year
  • Work with peers to find new content ideas
  • Personal plan review with me to ensure it’s both attainable and a mix of the right activities to promote your organization

ON-DEMAND BONUSES: Efficiency Boosters!

How we’ll get it all done.

I felt like if I delivered instructions without interaction you’d feel just as disconnected as you do right now.  And when you’re trying to connect with others through your marketing that’s exactly where you DON’T want to be. So after months of consideration, deliberation and just plain debating it to death we decided on a blend of on-demand, live and consulting activities.

Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop & Consulting Package Schedule

Week 1
Wednesday, Feb. 24

Live Workshop – 2 hrs

Each workshop is limited to 20 organizations.  If we run out of space we’ll open a second one!

Registration covers attendance for up to three members of your organization.

During the live workshop you will:
✔ Set marketing goals
✔ Set the frequency of your marketing activities
✔ Start your content calendar for the year
✔ Decide which marketing activities are right for your team, organization and audience

The Workshop can be completed live or at your own pace.
All live and group consulting sessions will be recorded.
Video and audio will be published on our private podcast and website so those who signed up but can’t attend can still consume the information at their own pace.


In small 1 hour group consulting sessions you will finalize your content calendars, brainstorming what to say in your marketing. 

These sessions will be recorded and released in the private podcast so those who can’t attend can get ideas too!

Week 2
March 1st – 5th
Weeks 2 & 3
March 1st – 12th


Schedule an optional private consulting session with me to review your plan. We’ll make sure it compliments your talents as a team, is attainable and positions you to connect with new and existing supporters.

Unless otherwise arranged, private consulting sessions must be claimed in this two week period.


The MayeCreate team will answer the tech and process questions and publish them to the private podcast and website.

Group consulting session recordings will be published to the private podcast.

Week 3

ON-DEMAND BONUSES: Efficiency Boosters!

And when you’re all finished…

  • Your marketing will be less stressful. You’ll know what you’re doing each day, week and month to promote your organization and know you’re doing enough to connect with your supporters and meet new people to power you mission
  • You’ll be able to delegate tasks more confidently because you’ll know what they are and the steps to get them done
  • Your marketing will be more successful because you’ll create a plan you can actually do that capitalizes on the strengths of your team to connect with your audience
  • You’ll have solid reasoning for your marketing decisions so you can rule out why you would or wouldn’t take suggestions or opportunities from well-meaning board members, volunteers, media sales reps and marketers.

You don’t just have to take my word for it!

“Monica has been an excellent Marketing speaker for the Missouri Women’s Business Center’s LaunchU class for 4 years.  She does an excellent job walking students through the exercise of determining their audience and what their motivations are to take action.  Monica explains how important it is to determine current marketing assets and beginning with those as well as the advantages and disadvantages of various marketing mediums. Her energetic personality and personal presentation style keeps students engaged and us asking her back again and again. It is obvious she knows marketing and is passionate about helping her clients.”

Sherry MajorMissouri Women’s Business Center

What does it cost?

$329 Per Organization

One registration fee covers up to 3 members of your organization.

If I were to do this with each organization individually it would cost over $2,000 for the plan and creative ideas.

Social media set up alone is $1,500 for most of my clients and just one private consulting session is $100.

Whew! If you’re reading every word of this, you definitely have what it takes to make a plan!

And I’m pretty sure all those skimmers out there just skipped everything in between the first button and the form below. I’m one of those people so I get it, I make decisions quick like The Flash! But if you’re not a quick decision maker you hopefully now have everything you need to pull the plug and take the next step to less stressful and more successful marketing. Lets do this!

Sign up for the Nonprofit Marketing Plan Workshop
& Consulting Package

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