Year-End Campaign Planning Checklist

Year-End Campaign Planning Checklist

I’ve interviewed nonprofits of all shapes and sizes to uncover their secrets to a successful year end giving campaign.

(No kidding. You can totally listen to them on my podcast.

You know what they all say?

There isn’t a secret at all – You just need to start early and make a plan.

My year-end planning checklist outlines:

  • Monthly breakdown of activities and campaign messaging goals from September – January
  • How to market your year-end giving campaign using social media, emails and peer to peer
  • Links to resources for more support and answers to commonly asked questions

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Year-End Giving Checklist

Andrea’s Story

“I’ve never really done a year end campaign before. So when I saw the MayeCreate content and was like, alright, I’m just gonna follow this and hope it works…”

City of Refuge Ended Up Raising


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