Get your pride on.

Our sassy campaign that makes us a little nervous and really Proud.

We built this campaign based on our core values, so we’d like to take a moment to debunk any misconceptions you may have.

We’re getting our pride on.

And we challenge you to do the same. We want to give you an opportunity to know us for who we are by sharing our core values openly with you.


Let’s clear the air.

  1. We’re not bad mouthing your marketing behind your back.
    We’re expressing our beliefs in public, that’s way different than gossiping. We don’t feel like we should have to apologize for our options, though we are genuinely flattered you’ve chosen to read more about our sassy attitude.We think it’s okay to say these things for one reason. We believe them. Our #1 core value is about you.We believe you deserve the best quality design out there. If we don’t project our honest beliefs in our marketing would you trust our opinion about your marketing message?
  2. Yeah, sometimes marketing people are no better than swindlers, we get that.
    We’re not just talking, we’re making a statement. A statement about what we believe and how we do business. Your right to good design is our #1 core value and at the fore-front of our minds in everything we do. You don’t have to take our word for anything. We’ll prove how good we are though our actions.You’re still reading and that says something about our ability.
    When you get down to the core of it marketing IS sales and sales people have to talk a big game to get your attention. If we can’t market ourselves well enough to get a reaction from you, would you trust us to sell your product or service to someone?
  3. Get your pride on.
    We’re pleased as punch you understand our message and feel as proud of your company as we feel about ours. Let’s get together and see if we’ve got what it takes to make a winning team. It all begins with a conversation.

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