To avoid expensive repair costs and downtime, we take a proactive approach to WordPress site management, auto-enrolling qualifying sites into a security service we've been providing to our clients for quite some time now, known as our Safe Site Plan.

how's it work?

Once your website is complete, it's enrolled in the Company Safe Site Plan for an annual fee of $299.40 a year ($24.95/mo), or $29.95/mo if paid for monthly. Before taking the website live, we install 7 security enhancements in an effort to offensively protect your website from hackers.

Safe Site


What We Offer with Safe Site

  • Deep Clean and Securing

First we will do a site “deep cleaning” which includes 7 security enhancements we have researched and found effective to keep your site safe from hackers. The fee for the deep cleaning is $100. We are happy to go into greater detail with you about these upgrades upon request.

  • Notification of Abnormalities

Upon reviewing your site we may uncover more ways to make your site more secure such as removing outdated plugins and replacing them with new ones. Prior to completing those changes we will contact you for your permission. Those updates will be billed at a reduced hourly fee of $60/hr. If your site is so out-of-date that the plug-ins it currently uses are no longer compatible with the most recent version of WordPress (this tends to happen after 3 years if plugin updates are not released) we will notify you of the additional costs it may take to replace the old plugins with new ones.

  • Regular Updates of Plugins and WordPress

After the deep clean we will do regular updates of plugins and the WordPress software to keep it up-to-date, also installing additional security features as we uncover them. The monthly fee will be $24.95/mo. These updates after the deep cleaning should keep the site safe from hackers. Updates will occur as they are released and will be manually reviewed monthly.

  • Up-Time Monitoring

Site up-time will be monitored. If your site goes off line for any reason we will be the first to know and be alerted so we can quickly resolve issues.

  • Broken Link Monitoring

We contact you when we find broken links on your site and conduct the appropriate link replacements when needed. Updating links may be billed at a reduced price hourly rate of $60/hr or deducted from the 2 hours of annual update time.

  • Virus and Malware Scanning

The site will be scanned for viruses and malware so we can detect any threats before they become unmanageable.

  • Hack Reporting

Notifications will be sent if common hacking techniques or symptoms are detected on the site such as malware, spam injections, website errors, disabled sites, database connection issues and code anomalies. We will then work to fix the problems as quickly as possible.

  • Bi-Weekly Data Backups

Every two weeks data backups will be made to keep a fresh copy of your site on file. In the event that a hacker does compromise the site, we have a recent copy to restore.

  • Reduced Cost Hack Repair

In the event that a hacker is extremely committed to debunking your site, we will restore the site regardless of how deep the damage for a reduced hourly rate of $60/hr, not to exceed $250. If the site is hacked and we have to restore it from scratch, the most you would pay is $250, but if it is relatively untouched we will charge the reduced $60/hr rate to repair the damages.

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