Are you frustrated with your website? Is it stuck in the 90s? Did your nephew start building it, but had to stop when the school year started? If you’ve ever wanted an expert opinion on your web presence for free, now’s your chance!

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You fill out the form with your information. We’ll pick from submissions and publish website reviews on our blog. We promise to be thoughtful and kind — we also promise to give honest, constructive criticism where it’s needed — that’s what you want, right?

We don’t promise a timeline for website reviews, and we can’t guarantee your website will be chosen. 

If we review your website, we’ll publish it on our website, YouTube channel…basically anywhere in the known Universe content can go.

We specialize in web design and online marketing for small businesses and construction companies, but all websites are welcome. We’re a group of thoughtful, curious designers with a broad range of interests — we love a challenge!

Wondering how we review websites?

Check out this review for HR Green – A Professional Engineering and Technical Consulting Firm.

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