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Here’s the Breakdown

1: Design Options

Design Investment: $1210

2: Page Options

The following dynamic pages will be developed: Projects

Page Development Investment: $330

3: Content Development

A professional will write the content for 0 pages of your website.

A professional photographer will spend 6 hours taking photos for your website.

Content Development Investment: $1100

4: Programming

The following types of addtional functionality will be programmed for your website: Social Share Buttons (Allow visitors to share website content via social media)

Programming Investment: $110

5: Sell Items Online

Ecommerce Investment: $220

6: Search Engine Optimization

Key terms will be researched for your industry and implemented in your website to boost your rankings in Google Search results.
NOTE: If good SEO is one of your goals you will need to allocate a monthly budget of $300+ for ongoing SEO services.

Search Engine Optimization Investment: $330



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This tool is for budgeting and discovery, not a hard estimate.

The pricing quoted is based on the MayeCreate Design pricing structure. We’re a small company in the Mid-West. We’re not a startup, we’ve been around for over a 10 years. Our pricing is comparable to other companies like us in our area.

So, if you’re out on the coasts or in a big city, this price may seem super low (which is cool, because with this thing called the Internet, we can still build you a rockin’ site from where we are for the same low price). And if you’ve been talking to freelancers or start-up companies, our price may seem too high. It’s not a perfect estimate but a tool to help you in your discovery process.

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