Is getting a price to build a website really that stinking complicated?

No really, we get it.

Salespeople keep telling you, "It's complicated." Or, "We need to schedule a sales meeting." But for real... You need to know how much it costs to build a website. And you don’t want to sit through a 2-hour vacuum sales pitch to get it. That’s why we built this beauty. It’s the same as the estimating spreadsheet we use when estimating websites for our future clients. But better, because it’s not a spreadsheet, it’s an online app.

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1: Design


Custom Website Design with Consultative Process

This process is the best option for established businesses undergoing an identity shift or re-brand. Also for designs with multiple decision makers or requiring board approval. And for those who will "know it when they see it".

Fast Design with Less Consulting & Meetings

Our expedited design process - This is a quick turn around design process perfect for fast decision makers. You'll complete a questionnaire during our kickoff/creative meeting and we'll prepare two similar options for design, you review the design and then have an hour long revision session with a designer.


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Monica M. Pitts

Founder and CEO


I pinky promise this will actually give you an estimate.


You know what I hate?

I hate online “quote” forms that don’t actually give me a quote. 

Instead, my contact information is distributed to a billion people who inevitably stalk me until I freak out on them. And you know what I really get from that quote form? A chip on my shoulder. What I don’t get is, you guessed it, a freaking price.

Now, whether the website you estimate is exactly what you need, I can’t say. It’s a calculator, not a clairvoyant online website consultant.

Let’s cut to the chase & get started!

7 Easy Steps

Answer simple questions about your website design and functionality.

Itemized Totals

See your estimate adjust throughout each step as you make your selections!

On-Screen Estimate

Instantly view your estimate and receive a detailed report with features by email if you choose.

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What do I need to get a good estimate from the calculator?

You’ll need to know approximately how many pages you want in your website and also a decent idea of what you want it to do.

How did you get these numbers anyway?

We’ve designed over 400 websites since founding MayeCreate in 2005. After each completed site, we audit how long it actually took us to do the work. The numbers powering this app are an average of how long it takes our company, a Midwestern specialized web agency, to complete the site you request on the form.

How long is this going to take?

5 minutes, maybe? Less if you know what you want and more if you need time to think through the questions along the way. If you’re not sure just click through the steps and see how long you think you’ll need.

Will this thing actually give me a price or is it just going to give my information to a bunch of sales vultures?

Yes. Wait, no. Do over. Yes, it will actually give you a quote. No, there are no carrion-eating salesbirds at MayeCreate. Let's be real, we build websites, so we’re always looking for a pride-worthy project to tackle. Therefore, we may look at your quote to determine if you you have your poop in a group and could benefit from our services. Total fruitcakes need not worry. We do not fruitcake, we coffeecake.

Do I have to sacrifice my first born to get this calculator?

Sacrificing children is so Old Testament. If you want a complete report at the end, you’ll need to put your name and email in on the last step of the form. If you don’t want the full report, then just take the total on the second to last step, that’s your estimate total, it’s up to you.

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