Rejuvenate your email marketingSummer: the time of year we spend in rejuvenation mode, whether it’s by taking a much needed vacation, soaking up the summer sun, starting a new workout routine, or enjoying the warm holidays with friends and family nearby. Just because your customers and clients are on vacation, that doesn’t mean your marketing efforts should take a break too.
We tend to assume that customers and subscribers aren’t paying as much attention to their email in the summertime because they’re busy relishing in the nice weather. In reality, now is the perfect time of year to connect with your target audience as they enjoy a little more free time courtesy of the longer summer days. Most people are happier in the summertime too as compared to the winter months, which means they’re more likely to welcome your messages with a positive attitude.

Keep Your Email Marketing Sparks Flying this Summer

Don’t let your email click-thru rates and open rates slip and slide down the drain this summer. We’ve brainstormed a few tricks you can use to keep your email marketing momentum going over the next few months.

1. Send Seasonally Inspired Messages

What words do you associate with the summertime? Brainstorm a list without any restrictions, then go back and pick out the keywords you can connect with your company offerings and messages. Do you have any sizzling summer deals? How about a boatload of BOGO items (Buy One Get One)? Anything that has to do with vacations, being outside, being poolside, grilling out or having a BBQ will make for a great connection. Use these summer inspired topics in the subject line of your emails to lure customers in. You might even consider offering them something free for a special day this summer!

2. Keep Word Choice Playful

In addition to using summer related words in your email subject lines, extend the fun to the email copy and keep the vibe going throughout the entire message. Even serious and professional businesses can use this tactic without sacrificing their reputation and credibility. In fact, email recipients will probably enjoy seeing this more creative and relaxed content incorporated into your marketing mix.

If you’re not sure where to start, make a list of weekly specials or promotions your company has to offer for each week of the summer. Take some time to brainstorm how each offering could be rephrased to relate to the warm summer months. You don’t have to overload the copy with summer cliches, but throwing in a few strong, seasonal words here and there can make all the difference in your click-thru rates by enticing your audience.

3. Promote a Summer Event

After a long, dreadful winter, summer is definitely the time when people are vying for reasons to get out of the house and enjoy the beautiful days. Give your customers something to do this summer by hosting a branded event and promoting it through email. Not only do events attract loyal customers, but they also act as an opportunity to form new relationships with potential customers and grow your business. Invite your email recipients to the event and encourage them to forward the email to others who may be interested in attending. You’ll end up reaching more people to make for a great turnout.

4. Launch a Summer Only Service

If you’ve noticed your email marketing taking a dive this season, launching a limited time summer service and promoting it via email may be just want you need to spice things ups. When you put a time limit on the offering, it makes people feel like they have to act quickly and seize the deal now. They don’t want to miss out on the opportunity, so they’ll take extra time to open and read through the message instead of saying “Oh, I’ll get to that another time.” After all, if your recipients pass over your email the first time they see it, chances are slim to none that they’ll actually go back to it later.

5. Create Special Offers for the Most Engaged Recipients

Take a look at your email marketing analytics. Have you noticed that certain recipients interact with your emails more than others? What better time than now to reward them for their loyalty?! If you can’t afford to send a special offer to every single person on your email list this summer, consider creating an exclusive summer holiday offering strictly for your most engaged email recipients. Let them know how much your appreciate their commitment to your business with a percentage off coupon, a free gift, an upgraded package or whatever best suits your company to keep you rolling in the right direction.

Apply Rejuvenation Tactics to your Business Marketing Efforts

Send Email with Mail Chimp

We schedule our email marketing campaigns using MailChimp because it’s easy to use, provides detailed reports, and allows us to segment our email lists.

Successful email marketing is all about turning a push interaction into a pull interaction. In other words, you want to use attractive subject lines, interesting word choice and eye-catching email layouts to pull people into your message and therefore encourage an interaction rather than pushing a message on them in a forceful way. The more you try to push, the more resistance you’ll meet.

Remember to stay targeted and personal when reaching out to your email subscribers as a way to let them know you care about them on an individual level. Personalization, combined with these rejuvenation tactics, can get you well on your way to an upward trend in your email marketing metrics.

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