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You deserve to work with people who care about your business like it's their own. Experts who are as respected in their industry as you are in yours; experts who get the job done right.

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Our Family

MayeCreate Core Values

Trust. Integrity. Reliability.

Client relationships are based on trust. We build trust by exceeding client expectations. We work as a partner providing the marketing tools they need to reach their goals to grow as a company. Clients understand that their success is our success.

In providing a service of quality for which clients never hesitate to pay the invoice. They know we’ve provided an excellent product and are receiving it a fair price.

Flexibility. Collaboration. Communication.

Keeping projects on task and on schedule is essential. We actively seek clients who are as motivated as we are to complete their projects in a timely manner. We stay true to our development process and yet flexible to the flow of each client.

The customer is not always right but their opinion is crucial to the successful outcome of a project. They have a right to know our opinions about their ideas and then with that knowledge can make an informed decision about their work.

Respect will be awarded to those with a backbone. We hold firm in our values and seek knowledge from every experience. We are respectful to others and expect the same in return.

Skill. Performance. Pride.

Quality design work is a privilege that should be sought after by all businesses both big and small. Designs that do not accurately reflect the personality of a business are worse than no designs at all.

A design should be a well thought out purposeful piece of art. Viewers should be drawn to key elements and called to action. Good designs make people want to read more, they make their eyes happy. “Design without purpose is art, design with purpose is advertising.” Any artist can make a design look good, we put it to work.

Monica Maye Pitts
Monica Maye Pitts

Monica Maye Pitts  Chief Creative Officer

[email protected]  |  573-447-1836

If I were an animal, I’d be…

A tiger. But a happy one, not a mean one.

I make a killer…

Drink. Watch out though, it’ll sneak up on ya!

My favorite Harry Potter character is…

Are you kidding?! You want me to pick just one? That’s sacrilege.

My favorite things to do are…

Read, run, yoga, crochet, and play toys with my kiddos.

My biggest pet peeve is…

People who complain and don’t want a solution.

More On Monica

Monica is the creative force and founder of MayeCreate. She has a Bachelor of Science in Agriculture with an emphasis in Economics, Education and Plant Science from the University of Missouri. Monica possesses a rare combination of design savvy and technological know-how. Her clients know this quite well. Her passion for making friends and helping businesses grow gives her the skills she needs to make sure that each client, or friend, gets the attention and service he or she deserves.

Lorman Distinguished Faculty Member

Stacy Brockmeier
Stacy Brockmeier

Stacy Brockmeier  Account Executive

[email protected]  |  573-447-1836

If I were an animal, I’d be…

A cheetah.

My happiest moment was…

The birth of my children.

The last book I read was…

Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis.

My favorite part of my job…

Working with our awesome clients and planning their marketing to achieve the best possible outcomes.

My family pets are…

JD – our white lab.

More On Stacy

Stacy has a Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Education from the University of Missouri. Stacy is the wearer of many hats, her favorite being consulting with new clients but she also wears many others including, COO, CFO, H.R., and knower-of-the-things. She possesses an innate talent for communicating with people as well as planning. Her bubbly personality and positive attitude provide her with the ability to successfully connect with all types of clients.

Tyler Ernst
Tyler Ernst

Tyler Ernst  Lead Designer

[email protected]  |  573-447-1836 </ext 213>

I make a killer…

Pizza. Seriously. I’m darn good at making pizza.

My catchphrase is…

Fair enough… ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

My family pets are….

Two pups: Mike and Sully.

My favorite vacation spot is…

Somewhere all-inclusive.

My top sports teams are…

The Chiefs and Royals, since the day I was born.

More on Tyler

Tyler is a designer originally from Northern Missouri, specifically a small town called Savannah, but we don’t hold that against him. He has his Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from the University of Central Missouri, and he isn’t afraid to use it. Besides that, he’s good at cracking a joke, likes to keep things light-hearted and enjoys long walks on the beach. Learn about Tyler’s interest in craft beer on our blog.

Erika Payne
Erika Payne

Erika Payne  Project Manager

[email protected]  |  573-995-4260 </direct>

My favorite Harry Potter character is…

Hermione, hands down!

My favorite music album(s) is/are…

“Ways Not to Lose” – Woods Brothers
“I and Love and You” – Avett Brothers
“Gut the Van” – Dispatch
“Be OK” – Ingrid Michaelson
The list goes on and on…

My personal philosophy is…

Be afraid and do it anyways

I wish for the world to be…

Curious and not judgmental

My favorite sports team(s) is/are…

USA Soccer – both Men and Women’s team

More on Erika

Erika has her Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of Missouri. She has 4+ years of experience managing projects, staff and marketing. She organizes meetings, corresponds promptly with clients and acts as a courier between the clients, Art Director and Designers making sure projects are running on schedule and budget. Learn more about Erika on our blog.

Katie Guinn
Katie Guinn

Katie Guinn  Designer & Content Developer

[email protected]

My personal philosophy is…

Don’t take yourself so seriously, no one else does.

My favorite Harry Potter character is…

Tough. Typically, I’d say Hermoine because of her smarts and her sass, but if we’re talkin’ character development, Neville Longbottom, without a doubt.

I would love to have…

A personal recording studio. Or vertical climbing gym.

My favorite music album(s) is/are…

“Aeroplane Over the Sea” – Neutral Milk Hotel
“The King is Dead” – The Decemberists
“Later That Day” – Lyrics Born
“Love and Hate” – Aceyalone
“Luck of the Draw” – Bonnie Raitt
Bill Wither’s Greatest Hits

…just to name a few.

My greatest accomplishment is…

Surviving natural childbirth and actually enjoying it.

More on Katie

Katie is a Designer & Content Developer at MayeCreate Design. Her responsibilities and experience include content development for websites and online marketing, blogging, general website maintenance, graphic design, ad campaign management, project management, office management, bookkeeping, and customer service. As a wife, mom, twin, karaoke singer and rock climber, she’s seen the world from many perspectives and thrives to bring an open mind and clear vision to her position here at MayeCreate. Learn more about Katie on our blog.

Rebecca Thomas
Rebecca Thomas

Rebecca Thomas  Designer

If I were an animal, I’d be…

A dik-dik. (Google it)

My personal philosophy is…

If you’re not happy, make a change.

In my former life, I was…

A Circus Performer.

My passions are…

Art, Dance, Comics and Animation.

My personal hero is…

My mother.

More on Rebecca

Rebecca obtained her BS in Strategic Communication and Integrated Marketing from Stephens College. She administers our Safe Site program, updating software and plugins for over 100 websites weekly and monitoring the site activities daily to uncover hacking risks. Rebecca’s responsibilities range from graphic design conception and implementation utilizing graphic design software to coding in HTML, CSS, and PHP. Learn more about Rebecca on our blog.

Jason North
Jason North

Jason North  Content Developer & Social Media Manager

[email protected]

One of my happiest moments was…

Getting glasses 🤓

My hidden talent is…

Playing the drums

My personal hero is…

Anyone who goes after what they want in life with focus and drive. Also Seth Godin, because I think he helped reinvent marketing toward something that can help people, not annoy people.

I can’t live without…

Books, Reese’s peanut butter cups, and Logboat Dark Matter

I wish for the world to be…

Peaceful, happy, and for more people to live meaningful lives

More on Jason

Jason is a marketer born in Oklahoma, moved to work in Dallas, then took a job as a Content Developer and Social Media Manager with MayeCreate in Columbia because he found out how cool a town it is! He’s married to his wife Kezia, loves reading, and playing the drums. He also likes geeking out on data and code and believes marketing is a superpower because it can spread ideas and missions that make the world a better place.

Rayce Kendrick
Rayce Kendrick

Rayce Kendrick  Project Manager

[email protected]  |  (573) 830-4284

I make a killer…

Cheeseball, guacamole, and anything else that isn’t real cooking.

The last book I read was…

“Can’t Hurt Me,” by David Goggins

I would love to have…

A scalable startup of my own, and then a majority share in a bunch of businesses.

My main goal in life is to…

Have fun making some cool things that help people, with cool people.

I’m most proud of…

My younger brother and sister, Ross and Kourtney. They’re just the best.

More on Rayce

Rayce dabbled in several small business ventures while obtaining his bachelor’s degree. He’s obsessed with growing businesses and especially enjoys sharing wins with clients. At MayeCreate he’s ecstatic to be around people who are fired up about business, creative, and knowledgeable! Rayce is looking forward to collaborating with and learning from the minds of MayeCreate to have an exponential impact on a number of businesses. Learn more about Rayce on our blog.


Roxie  Cuddle Analytics Manager

If I were an animal, I’d be…

A chihuahua.  Lap dog.

My happiest moment was…

Safely sleeping in the car after our first canoe trip. I hate water.

My family pet is…


My favorite part of my job is…

Sleeping under the desk and cuddling with paper plates.

My goal in life is to…

Roam the MayeCreate trashcans without getting caught.

More on Roxie

Roxie is a Pointer mix from the Humane Society. She has tons of energy, loves pettings and has the perfect positive attitude to keep all of MayeCreate in good spirits during her shift.

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