With a less than 6 percent average click-through rate, it’s hard to meet everyone’s needs within one newsletter e-blast, but that doesn’t mean you can’t try. With a few simple tips you can strengthen those loose ends and get people to want to know more.

You Have 2 Seconds, Make Them Count

According to the New Email Metrics: Two seconds to make an impression, you have two seconds to make an impression and encourage the readers to continue with the content of your email. That’s less than a billboard, this means that you must offer a clear and concise way to disperse the information.

1. Put Your Work To The Test

According to Emma, our email marketing service provider, a good way to test your content is to hand your email to a colleague who has not helped design or write it, preferably one who’s unfamiliar with your campaign. Give them 5 or 6 seconds with it. By the end of that time, he should be able to answer the following questions:

1. What are you offering me?
2. How can I get it?

For your test to be relevant you don’t have to offer a coupon. If you are offering your expertise on the subject, that’s valuable. But you have to be clear. The “How can I get it?” question is when you figure out if your message is effective and actionable.

2. Make it easy to find.

Your “click area” should be immediately obvious. Is it a different color? Does it have a giant arrow pointing to it? Is the model in your image looking toward the button? (That has been shown to increase clicks.) It should be very obvious, and you should use visual design techniques to grab the attention of readers. Try different shapes, colors and sizes of your buttons. Experiment with different areas of the page, too. Put the button above most of your copy and see if more people convert.

3. Make it easy to click.

Again, an immediately apparent button is going to help. (For mobile readers, make sure that your button is at least 44 by 44 pixels and preferably a few lines away from another button to avoid mis-clicks.)

4. Make it convincing.

The text matters, and slight variations can really make a difference. “Learn More” and “Buy Now” may bring you to the same landing page, but they will appeal to people on different ends of the buying spectrum.

5. Limit your subscribers’ choices.

Giving too many places to click may overwhelm or confuse your readers. Remember, you only have 2 seconds!

6. Use some psychology.

Did you know that we lose far more joy by missing out on something than we gain by actually getting it? Consider this as you design your messages.

Small changes can go a long way, so try one or two and report back to us. We’d love to know the strategies that work best for you.

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