Reasons commercial construction companies should do email marketingCommercial construction is a competitive industry that requires companies to make their mark and differentiate themselves from others through a unique approach and a hefty portfolio demonstrating their experiences. But even the best construction company is going to struggle with acquiring new customers if they can’t effectively communicate the professionalism they invest in their projects.
Pursuing an email marketing strategy can assist with jumping that communication hurdle. Below are seven reasons we advise commercial construction companies to adopt email marketing:

1. Newspaper and Phone Book Ads are Out of Style

We hate to break it to you, but placing an ad for your construction company in a phone book is so 1999. Newspapers, flyer and phone book ads are really outdated and ineffective at generating leads for your business. Technology and the digital age have transformed the way businesses operate, so it’s time to adapt!

Even if you’re not ready to accept these changes, your clients and customers have. That means if you want to reach them, you have to send them messages based on their preferences. According to a study conducted by ExactTarget, 77% of consumers prefer to receive permission-based marketing messages via email. This is huge! If email is what your customers want, then email you shall deliver!

2. Email Marketing has a Great Return On Investment

We know construction is all about the numbers and measurements. To get on your level and speak your language, we wanted to share some of the hard stats accosiated with email marketing. According to HubSpot’s 18 Stats Email Marketers Ought to Know, “email marketing has an ROI of 4,300%.” That means for every dollar you invest in email marketing, you’ll earn a $43 return. With numbers like that, how could you not at least give email marketing a try?

3. Email is a Marvelous Medium for Communicating Quality

Construction companies work hard to make a name for themselves in the industry based on the knowledge and experience they have under their belt, as well as the quality projects they complete for clients. Email is perfect for boasting these aspects of your company and verbalizing your continued promise to quality work. As a medium more heavily driven by words than visuals, email messages leave plenty of room to explain your mission and gain footing over your competition.

Other, more traditional, marketing methods may not give you the space you need to communicate the specialized services your company provides that give you an edge over competitors. In a heavily saturated market like commercial construction, you have to find a way to stand out and share your unique selling points. Email marketing can be your ticket to success.

4. Email Marketing is Very Cost Efficient

Mail Chimp Drag and Drop Feature

Screen shot from Mail Chimp. Click to view larger image. Easily drag content layouts into your email and customize it to your liking.

If you’re still printing out papers and flyers to promote your business, you’re throwing away money that could be invested more intelligently in email marketing. After all, the materials may be hit or miss with potential customers, so a lot of people are inevitably going to throw the papers away anyway.

Instead of risking your well-earned dollars on garbage fillers, download a free email marketing software system or purchase one for prices around $10 per month. Systems like Mail Chimp allow you to easily customize templates to reflect your brand image. You don’t have to understand code either thanks to the easy-to-use drag and drop design set up.


5. Emailing Allows for Personalized Messages

Strategically placed billboards or advertisements in an industry magazine probably have better odds of reaching your audience than general newspaper advertisements, but they still don’t allow you to connect with your customers on a personal level. Email marketing does.

Email marketing is a more personal way to establish relationships with your customers and gain their trust. Instead of promoting your business through mass messaging, email can be tailored to the individual likes and preferences of the recipient by segmenting your contacts into lists. Even if you want to send the same email to multiple addresses, you can program the email to incorporate the recipient’s first name in the salutation or subject line. Reaching this level of personalized greetings can separate you from the competition and make your business feel more human. Make your customers feel special and form a relationship that they’ll remember the next time they’re in need of construction services.

6. Reach Current AND Past Customers through Email Marketing

Target your customers through emailAnother great thing about using email marketing is that your can continue to blast messages and promote your brand to past customers by keeping their email address in your contact list. While it is important to give your email recipients an opportunity to opt out of receiving your marketing emails (you don’t want to annoy them and cause them to perceive your company negatively), those who do want to keep receiving them will easily recall your brand the next time they’re in the market for your services. At the same time, you can reach out to your current customers and maintain a positive relationship with them through email.

7. Emailing is a Quick and Simple Way to Keep Your Customers in the Loop

Email is a great resource sharing communication tool for commercial construction companies to use. You can:

  • include links to your website within the email so potential clients can learn more about your services.
  • provide links to news stories where your company is mentioned.
  • send educational materials to your list covering important topics in the industry.
  • attach pictures and videos showcasing your latest and greatest projects and accomplishments to demonstrate what  your company is capable of doing.
  • send updates on your projects to keep clients in the know.
  • announce special offers and other promotions.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to using email marketing. Take time to evaluate what your audience responds to best and alter the mix of messaging content you send accordingly.

Take the Leap

If you care about improving your business and are open to new strategies (no matter how foreign or scary they may seem), test out email marketing and watch your business leads expand! Download our free Email Marketing E-Book to help you get started with writing, designing and sending effective marketing emails.

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