A salesperson not selling? Yep that’s what I said.

Salesperson vs. Consultant

Do Not Buy Websites from a SalesmanWhen in the market for a new car, how often do you have a salesperson try to sell you a vehicle that you don’t want? For me, it is only EVERY time I’ve ever gone to a car lot until I found David. David actually listens to me and I love it.

A salesperson that listens to your needs, wants and desires and helps you through a process that you don’t do every day yields far better results for all parties involved. This person is called a consultant, not a salesperson. A consultant listens to their clients and asks questions to better understand their needs. You should never buy a website from someone who makes you feel like they’re selling you something you don’t need or giving you a dog and pony show about how great they are.  

You don’t need more business…

Oh really? You don’t need more business? Yes, I actually have had business owners tell me this when I ask them if they’ve ever thought about building a website. Ok. Then you probably don’t need a website. There is only one exception to this rule: a website might help improve your business’s processes.  For example if you need to regularly gather or deliver information to or from your current clients, a website targeted towards gathering and distributing the information easily may build value for your current clients ensuring they continue doing business with you.

You don’t value what we do.

If you, as a business owner, don’t see the value of a website you’re not in the market to buy a website. Therefore I won’t be trying to sell you one.  I may have a conversation with you to learn how you market your business successfully without what I consider a mainstay in every marketing plan but I won’t try to sell you a website.  One of the major reasons why I will refrain from attempting to convert you to my web loving beliefs is you may not value the service a web design company provides because you don’t understand how a website can help your business. Because you don’t find value in what we do you may not allocate the appropriate amount of money or time in your budget to produce a successful website. Which in the end will make our relationship stressful and make me and my company look bad.

Value and budget are often determined by the amount of revenue that you, as a company, bring in each year. If your business does not bring in enough revenue each year to pay for a professional web design company, that’s ok. Do what is right for your business and don’t break the bank on a website that isn’t going to return you the money that you have invested.

Long story short: I’m not going to sell you a website. If you want to buy from a salesperson, don’t know why you need a website, don’t understand the power of a website or don’t plan on allocating an appropriate budget to justify the outcome I’m just not your girl.

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