IG for business2Instagram can be one of the most fascinating apps used to look at pictures, or it can be total #selfie filled annoyance. Really, it’s up to how you want to interpret it. There is one thing that’s true though- businesses are starting to advertise on Instagram.
Businesses are using Instagram in a variety of ways for promoting their brand. They’re creating an account specifically for their brand, and posting pictures to show their followers what their business is up to.

Types of Posts Businesses Can Use

Here are a handful of posts your business can create to promote your brand.

1. Show your products.

People who follow a brand on social media are generally consumers of the product- including Instagram. Showing off your products is a great way to remind customers of your product. Get creative and shoot from different angles to make it interesting. Or you could take a zoomed-in close up picture of the product and encourage your followers to guess what it is. That’s an easy way to promote follower interaction.

2. Show how it’s made.

You can’t tell me that you’ve never watched at least a couple minutes of How It’s Made when channel surfing. It’s always interesting to see how Frosted Flakes are made, packaged and distributed. Use that concept and post pictures of how your product is made. If you make shutters for a living, show how manufacturers put the wood together in such a fine manner. You can even create a collage and show the individual steps in one picture.

3. Go behind the scenes.

Give your followers an exclusive backstage pass to your company. Customers usually see the finished product, but not the hard work your workers put into it. Taking pictures of workers working on a project, or in the planning stages of a product allow customers to see what goes into making their product. If you’re an architectural company, post a photo or short video of a worker drawing up a blueprint. Take followers into your world.

4. Give a sneak peek.

Allow your followers to be some of the first to hear about something new and exciting in your company. Maybe you’re installing a pool for someone that lives in a mansion with an awesome view overlooking the countryside. Take a photo of the pool installation site and view to give a sneak peek to viewers of how awesome your job is going to turn out. This makes followers feel exclusive, since not many people are getting to see the same view of your project.

5. Share the cuteness.

No one can resist a picture of a cute puppy or baby- no one. If your office has an office pup or if a worker brings in their toddler for a couple hours, get permission to share a picture of them supporting your business. Dress the dog up in a company t-shirt, or supply the kid with a fun construction hat to wear. Possibilities are endless here. This gives your viewers a chance to see the lighthearted side of your company.

That sounds great in theory, but what does it look like?

Check out these examples of businesses who use Instagram to promote their business.


Mizzou and Hot Box Cookies have awesome examples of the types of posts that I mentioned previously.


Dunkin’ Donuts, Fedex and theSkimm have managed to make a personal connection with followers, even though they are nationally known companies. See how they managed to provide a more personal touch to their posts.

Side note: theSkimm is a daily email that gives readers a rundown of the world news from the day before. It’s incredibly informative, creates opportunity for more stimulated conversation on lunch breaks and it keeps you up to date without having to watch the evening news every night. You can sign up here.

Commercial Construction

General Electric, CRN Construction and Minke Pools are a mix of large and small businesses around the world that are in the construction industry.

You can do it!

You may be telling yourself, I’m not sure that my company can do this, but I promise that you can! Just make sure to keep your smartphone with you on the job site to capture moments that your Instagram followers would enjoy. And once you create an account, let us know so we can go follow you! Who knows, maybe we’ll even “like” a picture or five!

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