There's no magic answer. Leave your 8-ball on the pool table, keep it out of your marketing plan.

Website Consulting

our magic 8-ball is busted

Try analyzing instead of relying on a clairvoyant piece of plastic. You don't know what you don't know. You just know you're ready to figure it out. Stop wishing and wondering and find somebody who can get you the answer.

Change is a tough decision.

We’re here to hold your hand or, well, kick you in the rear if you need it. You might not like what we have to say, but we’re going to say it anyway because that’s what family does.  By the way…you have green stuff in your teeth.

Common consulting services include:

  • Website Traffic Interpretation – We’ll decode your site traffic patterns and outline key areas for improvement.
  • Website Review & Site Plan – Starting with a competitive analysis we create a master plan to wow clients and exceed your industry standards.  We review the structure and aesthetics of your website and suggest ways to enhance user experience and administrative functionality.
  • Website Update Training – We’ll teach you how to work your WordPress website, even if we didn’t build it for you.
  • Social Media & Blog Training – We establish a methodology for you to approach your social media or blog content creation then train you on how to add content to your chosen mediums.
  • Online Marketing Review – Learn the health of your current online presence and uncover the proper mediums to generate more website traffic using online marketing.
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