Celebrate on Social MediaRemember the social media rule of thirds? It’s the rule suggesting how businesses should vary the content they post to their social media accounts. To recap:

  • ⅓ of your social media content can relate to directly promoting your brand.
  • ⅓ of your social media updates should be about your industry, including content from outside sources.
  • ⅓ of your social media posts should include personal interactions.

In celebration of my birthday today, I thought it would be fitting to talk about that last third: personal interactions. The posts that fall into this category allow your company to have some fun with your social media followers and interact with them on a more personable level. These types of posts give you the opportunity to share the human side of your business, making your company more relatable to others when they can get to know the people behind the business.

Turn Business Celebrations Into Social Media Content

While you may be aware of the content mix you should be including on your social media business page, there’s a chance you’re still struggling to actually generate the appropriate content for specific categories. Lucky for you, we’ve assembled a list of 11 celebratory topics you can post about on social media to help keep your content fresh, engaging and unexpected.

1. Employee Birthdays

Promoting employee birthdays on social media is one way to make each person feel special and know that their employer appreciates them. It’s a fun way to give each employee a day of fame within the company while also acting as a means to announce an employee’s birthday to other workers so nobody is caught off guard. You don’t have to share their exact age (some people are pretty sensitive about that kind of information) but you could post a photo of the employee as a way to continue putting a face to your business.

2. Holidays

Whether you encourage your employees to dress up for Halloween or if everyone is looking festive at the company Christmas party, holidays are usually a good time to snap a photo or take a video to share on social media. Depending on who the target audience is for your brand, creating a special post for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day might be an ideal way to connect with people online. Overall, the point is to show your followers the distinct ways your company celebrates the holidays and show your fun side.

3. Annual Conferences/Meetings

If you participate in a company-wide yearly conference or meeting, this type of event makes for awesome social content. You may choose to live tweet the event or maybe just share an update or two along with photos of your employees. Whatever you decide to do, this content will give your followers a glimpse into your business while potentially keeping them up to date on your accomplishments.

Celebrate annual conferences on social media.

Barkley kept their social media content fresh by sharing a moment from an annual meeting. Screen shot from Barkley’s company Facebook page.

4. Team Building Activities

It’s important for employees from any business to work well together as a team. If you’re part of a company that hosts team building activities to help improve communication skills, work ethic and trust between employees, you know that these group activities can get pretty silly sometimes. Show your social media followers how your employees work together in these fun situations to give them a sense of your inner-office environment. Don’t be afraid to laugh at yourself doing something goofy for the sake of the team. People will eat this content up and appreciate your attempt to be transparent.

5. Company Retreats

Company retreats make for another great opportunity to teach others about the personal, more intimate side of your business. Sharing the types of things your employees do together outside of the office to connect and keep a positive outlook may even inspire other companies to do the same.

6. Team Lunches

Not every personal interaction post you share on social media has to be a huge event. Find reasons to celebrate even the little things on social media, things that keep everyone in good spirits and re-energizes them for the workday. Maybe a few employees get together to eat lunch each week at a new restaurant in town. Post a picture of this bonding time between workers while also helping out another local business by promoting their yummy food.

Celebrate good food on social media.

Because there aren’t enough pictures of food on social media already…

7. Beautiful Days

Have you ever considered sharing the view from your office on Facebook or Twitter on a beautiful day? Sometimes social media fills up with negativity or heavy content, so make an effort to make a ripple by posting something simple and happy. Give people something to smile about. Show your followers you know how to stop and smell the roses.

8. Awards

If you’ve got it, flaunt it. Be proud of any awards the company or an individual employee has been honored with and brag about it on social media. It’ll likely show your expertise in a certain area or highlight your success as a business that will grow your credibility with your online audience.

9. Office Pets

If you haven’t noticed, people are obsessed with animals on social media. Start the day off by posting a picture of the office goldfish to put people in an upbeat mood or show the office dog doing a cool trick. These kinds of posts are just about being light-hearted and showing others how your employees are real people who like real life things.

10. Employee Anniversaries with the Company

Similar to the way you would post about an employee’s birthday every year, you could schedule a social media post for an employee’s anniversary working for your company. This could be one component of celebrating their commitment to the company while also publicizing to your online audience how many years each person has dedicated to helping grow the business.

11. Company Anniversary

Perhaps even more important than celebrating each employee’s anniversary with the company would be celebrating how many years you’ve been in business. Instead of simply telling your social media followers that it’s your 10 year anniversary as a company, show them how you’re commemorating the accomplishment! In the past, brands have created a new logo, launched a new product or service, hosted events and more in honor of their anniversary. Use the special time of year as a way to spread the word about your company history and inform your followers of how you’ve grown as a brand.

Express Your Company Personality on Social Media

Think back to what social media sites have traditionally been used for; they started as online platforms for people to share their likes, interests, and thoughts while staying connected to others. The networks have transformed a bit over the years, making room for business interactions among an abundance of selfies, but there’s still a common denominator: expression. Express your business on social media through the content you share, embracing both a professional and personable attitude to further connect with your fans and followers.

In the end, the personal interaction aspect of your social media presence is all about celebrating the little things in addition to big accomplishments. Share the personality of your company and emphasize why you’re proud of the company you work for aside from the profits you made that year.

Are you practicing the social media rule of thirds?

Today is the exact middle day of the year, but even if you haven’t been celebrating on social media up to this point, look forward. Realize that you still have the second half of the year ahead of you to revamp your social media presence by sharing engaging, entertaining, personal content.


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